‘Out!’ Trump Kicks CNN’s Jim Acosta Out Of Press Conference [Video]

President Trump kicked out a CNN reporter from a White House press conference. The President was taking questions from journalists, Tuesday after President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan paid him a visit when he told the journalist to leave the Oval Office.

CNN Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta had asked the President, questions relating to his alleged comments about people from certain countries coming to America.

According to Fox News, the journalist yelled three times to get the President’s attention before badgering him with a slew of racially charged questions. Acosta, who has been accused of interrupting the president in the past, asked Trump if it was true that he had a preference for Norwegians coming to live in the United States.

The President replied Acosta’s first question, explaining that he wanted people from everywhere and not only from Norway.

In the video, Acosta is seen prodding further with questions, asking if the president wanted people only from Caucasian countries or from countries of color as well. A White House staffer tries to stop the Senior White House correspondent from going on with his questions with little success.

When Jim Acosta asked if the President would prefer the people to be from Caucasian countries or places of color, President Trump looked at the Senior White House Correspondent, pointed a finger at him and said one word — “Out.”

The journalist was ushered from the room by a female aide even as he tried to ask another question.

In a series of tweets, Acosta accused White House aides of trying to “drown out” his questions to the President by shouting him down.

“As I attempted to ask questions in Roosevelt Room of Trump, WH press aides shouted in my face to drown out my questions…I have never encountered that before,” he tweeted.

Acosta’s queries came after Trump allegedly made disparaging remarks about people from El Salvador, Haiti, and African countries. The president had reportedly said he did not want people entering the U.S. from those “s—hole countries.”

CNN has aired the uncensored version of the controversial comment on a regular basis since the President allegedly used them. According to the Media Research Center, anchors and guests of the cable news network used the profanity 195 times in 24 hours.

This is not the first time that CNN’s Jim Acosta will be having issues with the Trump administration. A Washington Post story reports that the journalist squared off with White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders at a December media briefing.

Acosta, before asking his question, had told Sanders that media people were allowed to make “honest mistakes” and that it did not make them “fake news.” Sanders had responded saying it was “fake news,” when people were “purposely putting out information you know is false.”

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