Louisiana Judge Pamela Johnson Refuses To Sign Arrest Warrant After Teen Is Caught Brutalizing Dogs On Video

In a move that has shocked animal lovers everywhere, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Judge Pamela Johnson has refused to sign an arrest warrant for a teenager who tortured two young dogs, leaving them whimpering and crawling in pain in the middle of the street.

Judge Johnson is reported to have been the judge who happened to be on duty on the day when the brutal video footage of the tortured dogs was handed to her by deputies. On the disturbing video, a teenage boy can be witnessed holding onto a leash with two dogs and swinging them violently in the air repeatedly, after which he finally hurtled them down the street.

Even though the teenager’s face was captured on video and easy to see, with a relative of the boy naming him, Judge Pamela Johnson determined that there was simply not enough probable cause to arrest the animal abuser, according to WAFB.

The video of the horrific dog abuse has since been posted online and gone viral, with animal lovers calling for the teenager’s immediate arrest and Judge Johnson’s dismissal.

Immediately after the video was made public, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore came forward and denounced the actions of Judge Pamela Johnson, stating that he has since “filed delinquency petitions against a juvenile alleging cruelty to an animal,” according to an updated story by WAFB.

“I can affirm that the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office has filed delinquency petitions against a juvenile alleging cruelty to an animal, a misdemeanor offense. Juvenile matters are confidential unless they are statutorily enumerated as a crime of violence. They are also closed to the public. Under Louisiana law, this offense is not classified as a crime of violence. Therefore, no further comment can be made as to this particular offense, the alleged offender and the specifics of this case. Rest assured, we will zealously pursue this matter through final adjudication.”

Now that Moore has stepped up, it has been announced that there will be a different judge that will be listening to this animal abuse case. Yet many are still left wondering just why the original judge did not take the case of this video seriously to begin with, and it has been alleged that Judge Pamela Johnson has turned heads before on other cases with her distinct lack of justice.

For instance, in 2012, when a teenager was charged with raping five-year-old children, Judge Johnson decided to release the teenage suspect, sending him straight to his grandmother, who also happened to live in the same apartment block where the other victims resided, as WAFB reported. Once again, District Attorney Hillar Moore had to look into the incident to see why Judge Pamela Johnson had released the teenager who reportedly admitted to multiple rapes.

The Hayride alleged that aside from the recent public dog abuse case and past rape case, Judge Pamela Johnson has also at one point been censured for her conduct by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

For those who would like to make their voices heard over Judge Pamela Johnson’s refusal to sign an arrest warrant for the teenager caught on video torturing two dogs, you can reach Judge Johnson at her public office at (225) 354-1201 and you can also sign the petition now circulating online to have the animal abuser arrested.

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