Duggar Family Slammed For Martin Luther King Jr Post, Jill Duggar's Husband Called 'Hypocrite'

The Duggar family is known for their conservative, anti-abortion, and religious stance. Ever since they got famous through their TLC reality TV series, 19 Kids and Counting, they showed the world their unique way of living and how they uphold their conservative values. So it was a bit of a surprise for the followers of the Duggars to see them openly celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The words and actions of Martin Luther King Jr. may speak to the Duggar family, as he was a pastor-turned-civil rights leader. Many of his speeches and statements are underlined by Christian teachings and the ways of the church. However, he also preached for equality and justice for all, not just those who share the same skin tone or cultural values.

According to InTouch Weekly, the Duggars are known for being Republicans and Donald Trump supporters, suggesting that they are in line with the discriminatory stance against immigrants and refugees. In particular, Derick Dillard, the husband of Jill Duggar, has been open about being anti-transgender, attacking Jazz Jennings, the star of another TLC series, I Am Jazz. So when they posted thanking Martin Luther King Jr. for his service to the country, the fans decided to point out their inconsistency.


"This is a funny post coming from people are bigots," a fan commented. "Martin Luther King Jr. stood for equality of ALL MEN and WOMEN. Some food for thought there, Duggar Clan since your family does not support this at all."

Derick also posted about the civil rights leader, drawing criticisms for his hypocrisy.

"I totally agree with this statement," a fan wrote. "But do you? Do you agree with it while you judge people: gay/transgender/etc? While I don't think you should have been taken off the show for voicing your opinion I DO think you're a hypocrite. You can't say you love MLK but think how anyone else chooses to live their personal life is wrong. It doesn't go both ways. MLK would not approve of that."

"This is a bit much coming from you," another chimed in. "Don't judge based on skin color, but sexual orientation, something else that is just how you're born, is fair game. Cool. Got it."

In fact, Derick Dillard got Jill Duggar and his baby boys kicked off Counting On because of his tweets against Jazz Jennings. Despite the consequences he had to face, he still stands by them today. His pinned tweet on his account shows his sentiments.

"If your so-called 'values' manifest by dehumanizing others, you need to ditch them," a fan replied.

"You compromised your values by publicly supporting an accused child predator in Alabama and supporting a man accused of sexual assault for President," another responded. "Maybe try some self-reflection before preaching to others."

Currently, the Duggar family is in Australia for a speaking engagement with a Baptist church near Melbourne.