Kim Zolciak Doesn’t Think Cynthia Bailey Would’ve Gotten Far In Life If She Wasn’t Pretty

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If Kim Zolciak had the power to remove one person from the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she may get rid of Cynthia Bailey. That’s because Kim doesn’t think that Cynthia provides anything for the show beyond a pretty face to look at. In a #RHOA After Show video posted on on Sunday night, Kim, accompanied by Sheree Whitfield, explained why she, during the housewives’ gathering for a spiritual reading, told Cynthia to just be gorgeous and a pretty face. According to Kim, Cynthia doesn’t have much more to offer beyond her looks.

As viewers saw on the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday night, Kim told Cynthia to not interfere with her talk with the other ladies when they all gathered together for a “spiritual bath.”

“Cynthia, I need you to not talk unless you know. Now come on. Just be gorgeous. Just be a pretty face.”

Cynthia didn’t appreciate how Kim spoke to her. “Really Kim?!” Cynthia said.

In the #RHOA After Show clip, Kim admitted that she found Cynthia beautiful.

“I think Cynthia’s beautiful. Like thank God. Like she’s beautiful, definitely.”

When Sheree asked Kim why she added the “Thank God” bit, Kim pretty much said that Cynthia, a model, wouldn’t be where she is now in life if she wasn’t so beautiful.

“I just don’t know how far she would’ve gotten in life if she wasn’t.”

As Sheree Whitfield laughed, Kim Zolciak criticized Cynthia Bailey for wanting to be friends with everyone, specifically with both Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes.

“Like she’s the weirdest person ever. I swear to God she’s like, ‘Haha, I’m friends with Kenya! I’m friends with NeNe!’ Like, she’s like, ‘Friend power!'”

Kim added that she thinks Cynthia is friends with Kenya and defends her so much just so she could prove a point.

“I feel like when she’s just up about this Kenya s**t, it’s like it’s just to prove a point, not because she genuinely feels that way, because you don’t even know Kenya’s husband’s name.”

Sheree Whitfield agreed with Kim’s opinion about Cynthia. Sheree added that Cynthia doesn’t have her own opinions but goes with whatever NeNe or Kenya thinks.

“I think she rides whatever way. Which way NeNe goes, or whichever way Kenya goes. She’s not gonna have an opinion of her own.”

Kim chimed in that Cynthia needs to grow a backbone.

“She doesn’t have her own opinion…You’re 50, like 50 Cynt, why don’t you grow a backbone at 50. Like be who f**king really are, authentically.”

The video ended with Kim Zolciak making it clear that she doesn’t want to hear what Cynthia has to say about anything.

“Just smile b**tch. Just tell her, ‘Smile b**ch.'”

The current The Real Housewives of Atlanta season shows Cynthia Bailey continuing her friendship with NeNe Leakes and strengthening her friendship with Kenya Moore. It also shows Cynthia dating Will Jones after her divorce from Peter Thomas. Yet it seems that the relationship with Will didn’t last. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Cynthia recently admitted during a Watch What Happens Live appearance that she’s single.