Beth Chapman Hints About 'Leaving' Hawaii, Preparing For Adventure

Beth Chapman posted something very interesting on social media on Sunday night, and fans are trying to figure out just what she meant. The reality star, who was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in 2017 but is now cancer-free, has been living in Hawaii with her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, but the two could be leaving the island chain, heading out on a new "adventure."

Dog and Beth Chapman used to star on the hit A&E series Dog The Bounty Hunter, but the show ended in 2012 after eight seasons. Fans have been hoping that Dog and Beth would ink another television deal, but so far, there has not been any confirmation of a new reality show in the works. Fans are hoping, however, that Dog and Beth will have some exciting entertainment news soon, however, and Beth's latest post has kicked that chatter into high gear!

Chapman shared a photo of the sunset in Hawaii -- which isn't uncommon -- but fans were quick to pick up on some possible hints in Chapman's photo caption. For starters, Chapman wrote that she was sharing the photo "before [she] leaves." Fans were quick to ask if Chapman was leaving Hawaii or if she and her husband were moving.

And then came Chapman's hashtags. The one that received the most attention was "adventure time," which sounds like Beth and Dog might be heading out on a new journey together.

Of course, it is entirely possible that fans are overreacting, perhaps being overly hopeful that Chapman was hinting at something new and exciting. Chapman's post could have simply meant that she was leaving Hawaii for a business trip or that she was just signing out of Instagram for the night. Who knows?

Check out Beth Chapman's post below.

Chapman hasn't posted anything on Instagram since that photo, and she has not clarified the caption in any way. Fans have been posting tons of well-wishes and warm messages in addition to questions about where Dog and Beth might be going. It's only a matter of time before Beth posts again, and all eyes will be hanging on her every word!