Megyn Kelly Not Actually Writing ‘$10 Million Tell-All’ Book On Matt Lauer [Debunked]

There is a report that Megyn Kelly is allegedly writing a “$10 million tell-all” about former Today Show host Matt Lauer. The reported book is allegedly “full of exclusive new bombshells.”

According to Gossip Cop, this report is “completing false,” and they have debunked the allegations of the alleged Megyn Kelly $10 million tell-all on Matt Lauer’s inappropriate relationships relationship with women.

The publication referred to the Life & Style article that was recently published. The gossip magazine claims that an “insider” reported that Megyn Kelly has enough tales of misconduct to fill a tell-all book with the focus on “Matt’s dirty deeds and horrible antics with women.”

The alleged insider claims “she wasn’t Matt’s colleague for very long, but long enough to gather information about him to fill a book, which is exactly what she’s planning to do.”

The gossip magazine also claims that Kelly has been receiving “shocking emails” from other women who were involved with Matt and these victims want to tell their story. This would be the fodder for her massive Matt Lauer tell-all.

Gossip Cop contends that Megyn, a victim of workplace sexual harassment herself, has invited Matt Lauer as well as “his accusers” to come forth and speak on her show.

According to Gossip Cop, there may also be a legal reason why Megyn Kelly most likely would not write such a tell-all book. In her NBC News contract, Kelly most likely has a “confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.” If she should write such a tell-all book, this would be in violation of her contract.

Adding to this possibility was last week’s Golden Globe awards, aired by NBC and hosted by NBC’s own Seth Meyers, with red carpet reports by Today Show staff. No one mentioned Matt Lauer, and Fox News reported that viewers of the show “slammed” NBC.

Despite the talk about #MeToo and #TimesUp, there was no mention about Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct that led to his firing on the red carpet. Seth Meyers joked about many of the “men in entertainment” who lost their jobs due to sexual harassment and misconduct but failed to mention Matt Lauer, the $25 million a year former star of the Today Show.

As of now, Megyn Kelly has interviewed one former Today staffer, Addie Zinone, who went on her show to talk about her “consensual sexual relationship” with Matt Lauer.

Zinone told Kelly that although she is not labeling herself a “victim,” according to a report by Time, she believes that this particular relationship with Lauer was an “abuse of power.” Since she wanted others to “recognize this,” she went public with this relationship.

Addie Zinone was only 24 years of age when the former Today production assistant began this secretive relationship with Lauer.

Gossip Cop refutes the gossip magazine’s claim that a “publishing expert” believes that Megyn Kelly could get an eight-figure “payday” with their alleged prediction at $10 million dollars for the Matt Lauer tell-all.

They also point out that when Megyn spoke to Variety, she pointed out that she “heard the rumors” about the former Today anchor, but the former Fox News channel anchor also heard rumors about herself that “aren’t true.” She is too good of a reporter to base her reports on hearsay.

Megyn Kelly had experienced her own sexual harassment by her own ex-boss at Fox, Roger Ailes. Although Gossip Cop alleges that she will not be penning a tell-all book on Matt Lauer, she may certainly write more about sexual harassment in the workplace, especially during this era of #MeToo, as well as invite victims to discuss their own stories.


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