‘Outlander’ Season 4 Spoilers: Exciting Sneak Peek Hints At Claire And Jamie Fraser’s New Secret Companion

It will still be a long wait for Outlander Season 4 but fans just got an awesome treat. A teaser for the Starz series has just been dropped, and it looks like Claire and Jamie Fraser might be on the wrong side of the law once again. Will the couple get into more trouble now that it appears they have encountered the Redcoats? The following article features possible Outlander Season 4 spoilers.

Book readers are already well aware that the upcoming season will be based on Drums of Autumn, the fourth novel of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. In the book, Claire and Jamie Fraser have been reunited but stranded on a beach in Georgia. The two are set to live a new life in the Americas, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely out of trouble. The sneak peek of Outlander Season 4 certainly confirms that there is conflict up ahead, courtesy of a new character who is set to make things difficult for the Frasers.

The new teaser aired right after Starz broadcast the Outlander Season 3 marathon on Sunday, January 14. The sneak peek features Claire and Jamie Fraser on their wagon before they are met by several Redcoats. Jamie quickly announces that they are transporting the corpse of one of his countrymen. He tenses up when one of the men tries to poke the body with a bayonet but luckily, there is no reaction from the corpse. Nevertheless, there is a very good reason why Jamie is wary of the man hiding in their wagon in the Outlander Season 4 teaser.

There is little doubt that the person disguising as a corpse is Stephen Bonnet, the pirate who is possibly the most despicable villain in the books. Although Claire and Jamie Fraser help him escape the Redcoats, Bonnet later attacks them and steals Claire’s wedding ring. The same ring also leads to Brianna’s rape by Bonnet in Drums of Autumn. The character is set to be the one person who will change things for the Frasers in Outlander Season 4.

Claire and Jamie Reunited In Outlander Season 4

It has already been confirmed by Harper’s Bazaar that Stephen Bonnet will be played by Ed Speelers in Outlander Season 4. The new season is expected to air later in 2018.