George Michael Secretly Donated A Lot Of Money To Los Angeles HIV Charity After His Boyfriend's Death

George Michael loved his privacy even when he was doing something that many people would thank him for. It was recently revealed that the iconic singer has quietly been making donations to a Los Angeles-based HIV charity for years. Project Angel Food director Richard Ayoub says that after losing his partner to HIV/AIDS in 1994, Michael had been donating thousands of dollars each year to the charity since the death of Anselmo Feleppa.

The total of George Michael's donations is more than $685,000. Ayoub said that the "Faith" singer faithfully gave $25,000 to Project Angel Food each year until he passed away on Christmas Day in 2016.

"We can't thank him enough," Ayoub told The Mirror. "He was so supportive and is the single largest donor in our history. He sent a $25k donation to us religiously every year to the tune of more than half a million dollars. His passion and love and support was felt here every single year."

George Michael's contributions didn't stop simply with an annual check. He also reportedly helped out in the charity's kitchens and even donated a Mercedes to the cause so that it could be sold and the proceeds could be used to do more good.

"He did it without fanfare and without credit. George really did not want to bring the spotlight to him," Ayoub said. "He wanted to work as a volunteer and our kitchen manager met him, and George made rice cakes. It went well. He had a really great time. But when he came the paparazzi were chasing him and there were helicopters. The staff couldn't come through the door because the paparazzi were yelling."

The music icon started dating Anselmo Feleppa in 1993 according to US Weekly. It was just six months later when George Michael's boyfriend was diagnosed with HIV. He died that year and his death was attributed to complications from HIV.

George Michael's support of Project Angel Food helped to keep the charity going over the years. They now deliver more than 10,000 meals per week to those suffering from life-threatening illnesses like HIV and AIDS to those living in the Los Angeles area.