January 14, 2018
NHL Trade Rumors: Flames' Jaromir Jagr Could Be On Move, Team Adds Leftwing Replacement

There have been NHL trade rumors dating back to several weeks ago that Calgary Flames' star Jaromir Jagr could be traded. There is over a month until the NHL trade deadline arrives, but that doesn't mean Jagr's current team isn't already preparing for his exit. A recent report indicates that while he's injured, Calgary has already found help for their lineup by calling up a left-wing replacement.

Per a report from Holger Stolzenberg of Pro Hockey Rumors earlier this month, Jagr and the Calgary Flames had been "working towards a split." In that earlier report, it was indicated that Calgary told Jagr's agent it was ok for him to ask for a trade if he wanted. There were also rumors that Jagr could opt to play for a European team rather than staying with the NHL.

The reason for the possible parting of ways appears to be due to recent playing struggles for the longtime NHL star. As the report mentions, Jagr "hasn't been a great fit with the Flames" as injuries and production have hindered his time in Calgary. He's now playing in his 20th season, so it could end up being his last with the NHL if he opts for a European team.

Calgary Flames Jaromir Jagr on move to new team
The Flames' Jaromir Jagr could be on the move soon but it could be to play in Europe instead of the NHL.

While Jagr spent a good portion of his early career as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, he's moved between a number of teams since then. The veteran has played with the Capitals, Rangers, Flyers, Bruins, and most recently, the Florida Panthers for three seasons. During those three seasons with Florida, Jagr looked productive, as he tallied 27 goals and 39 assists in the 2015-16 season for 66 total points. In this latest season, he's scored just one goal and recorded six assists in the 22 games he's played in.

While he had relatively productive seasons in Florida, the addition of Jagr to help improve Calgary's roster hasn't seemed to meet their expectations. Right now, Calgary is third in the Pacific division with a 24-16-4 record as they trail the Vegas Golden Knights by nine points for the lead. The team is currently Further showing that the Calgary Flames could be looking to prepare for a Jaromir Jagr exit is their recent roster move. Jagr was recently placed on the injured reserve list and the team reportedly called up Ryan Lomberg to act as a replacement. Lomberg has yet to play within the NHL, making this his first stint after six seasons in other hockey leagues.

Calgary Flames fans may know if an NHL trade involving the Flames' Jaromir Jagr happens before the end of February as the deadline arrives on the 28th. With that said, many longtime NHL fans would love to see Jagr get a starring role and find success with a new team, preferably their own.