Blanket Jackson Makes Rare Appearance With Sister, Paris Jackson, In Beverly Hills

Blanket Jackson, the youngest son of Michael Jackson, made a rare appearance with his sister, Paris Jackson. It's the first time since the 15-year-old was photographed on Paris' Instagram account on Christmas Day that he's been seen in the media. The image included all three of the Jackson children, and People reported that family friend, Omer Bhatti, was also in the image.

"Happy christmas from ours to yours," Paris wrote, adding the hashtag, "#brahdas."

Blanket, who goes by "Bigi," isn't seen publicly very often. The 15-year-old was seen in Beverly Hills having a casual lunch date with Paris, 19, and his brother, Prince, 20, Daily Mail reports. A glimpse of Bigi is seen below as he was making his way to the restaurant with Paris in a tweet posted by the news source. He's seen wearing a white baseball cap backwards, a black shirt with a sweater, and a long gold necklace. Photos posted on the site's actual article also show Prince who's holding hands with an unidentified woman.

Paris is seen in her usual hippie-chic style with a pink-and-grey tie-dye T-shirt and a loose dyed skirt. She was carrying a boho backpack and had her hair in a messy style.

According to New York Daily News, Paris was robbed by two hitchhikers on Friday after she tried helping them. Paris proceed to go on a rant she recorded on video and share with her 2.4 million Instagram followers. In her expletive-filled tirade, Paris said she gave on girl her socks and took her and her pal to a fast food restaurant to have dinner. The model/actress went on to say that she drove them across Los Angeles despite the fact she's not an Uber driver, only to later learn they stole her debit card. Jackson was irate over having strangers take advantage of her goodwill, calling one of the hitchhikers "f***ked up."The public is interested in Bigi, who no longer likes to go by the name of Blanket Jackson. People reported last May that he changed his name in 2015 after years of being bullied. The teen is shy, but is reportedly "confident."