Donald Trump Probably Had A Very Good Relationship With Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last week that he probably has a good relationship with Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Apparently, Donald Trump denied this by posting on his Twitter that he used the words “I’d probably,” which emphasized that he said the words in a conditional tense. The White House even released a recording that played a portion of the interview with the Wall Street Journal in a move to dispute the words that were accounted in the newspaper. On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal also released its own version of the recording to come up as a backup for its accounts.

Interestingly, after being asked if he had spoken with Jong-un, Trump answered in his interview that he doesn’t want to comment. Steve Holland said in his article in the US News that Trump replied with “I don’t want to comment on it. I’m not saying I have or haven’t. I just don’t want to comment,” he had said.”

His comment was the key. US News said in its post that “The Trump comment was key because it suggested he feels he has a good relationship with Kim, who has resisted global pressure to stand down from a series of nuclear and ballistic missile tests.” The news site also published that Trump said “Obviously I didn’t say that,” tweeted Trump. “I said ‘I’d have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un,’ a big difference. Fortunately, we now record conversations with reporters… and they knew exactly what I said and meant. They just wanted a story. FAKE NEWS!”

There was a delay in the clarification as per the official. US News wrote in its article that “The reason there was a delay is that we had several calls and emails with WSJ, starting Friday morning, asking them to issue a correction. They refused and so we pushed out our own clarification,” the official said.

Donald Trump is known for calling people derogatory names. He called Kim Jong-un a maniac and a little rocket man. Consequently, Kim responded by saying that Donald Trump is a mentally deranged dotard. Kim was known for posing threats to the United States by warning that he can send rockets.

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