Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Have Difficult Relationship, Says Handwriting Expert


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have a tumultuous marriage because their personalities, as revealed by an analysis of their handwriting, are incompatible, a “handwriting expert” tells the Express.

British handwriting analyst Barbara Weaver, who calls herself a “graphologist,” has analyzed samples of both Meghan’s and Harry’s handwritten correspondence, divined truths about their personalities from those analyses, and determined that the two just aren’t going to work.

“Opposites attract as we know but after a while the differences in approach can gall and cause problems.”

Harry’s handwriting, says Weaver, is pretty basic and to-the-point, betraying straightforward personality.

“Harry’s writing is simplified and has no lead-in strokes. He is direct and straightforward. He has a matter-of-fact attitude, and believes in a simple straightforward approach.”

Meghan’s handwriting, on the other hand, is filled with beautiful flourishes and curved strokes, revealing the personality of a woman who is protective of herself but yet eager to please.

“She looks for style over content and there is much window dressing about her writing. I see these as self-protective strokes but also those soldered strokes mean she is anxious to make a good impression.”

According to Weaver, all of this means that Harry is more guarded in his emotions and would prefer to keep them to himself, while Meghan is more open about hers.

“Harry has more ‘give’ and she has more ‘take.'”

Unfortunately, this means that there will be “problems” in their relationship, although Weaver didn’t specify what those problems would be. Further, Weaver predicts that these problems will take while to show up.

At this point it bears noting that there are problems in every relationship, and that many of those problems take years to surface. You probably didn’t need a handwriting expert to tell you that.

It also bears noting that men and women generally approach problems differently, according to LiveScience, with men preferring to think things through internally, and women preferring to talk them out. It also bears noting that the British (like Harry) are stereotypically more guarded in their emotions than Americans (like Meghan), according to British culture blog Kwintessential, although that statement is based more on generations of cultural stereotyping rather than actual science.

So is there anything to this handwriting analysis business? Well, yes and no. Graphanalysis — the analysis of handwriting in the context of authenticating historical documents or, say, the autographs of famous athletes on sports memorabilia — is real. What’s more, the stakes can be high, historically and financially. Graphology, however — that is, the study of handwriting to supposedly reveal truths about the writer — is considered by most legitimate scientists to be “psuedoscience,” according to Scientific American. That’s a polite way of saying that it’s bunk.

Barbara Weaver is not the first person to predict a difficult marriage for Harry and Meghan based on chicanery and tomfoolery. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Australian “psychic” Kerrie Erwin got word form the Mystic Vibes that the Royal Couple is doomed from the start, saying they’re unlikely to make it five years.