Someone Is Projecting The Word ‘Sh**hole’ On The Front Of Donald Trump’s D.C. Hotel

The front of Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel had the word “Sh**hole” projected onto it on Saturday evening, just two days after Trump allegedly used that word to describe African countries in a meeting about immigration.

Reports on Thursday claimed that Trump wondered aloud why people from “sh**hole” countries in Africa would want to come to the United States, and wondered why the United States was not taking in more immigrants from countries like Norway. The flap led many — including the New York Times editorial board — to call Donald Trump a racist, a step many had not previously taken when Trump made racially charged comments. The African Union, a body that represents all 55 nations in Africa, also demanded that Donald Trump issue an apology for his remarks.

On Saturday, an unknown prankster took the criticism one step further. Video from Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C., showed the word “Sh**hole” being projected above the entrance. Pictures of the projection spread across social media (a video of it, complete with flying poop emojis, can be seen here).

The protest earned praise from a number of Trump opponents, who have targeted the president’s business ventures in protest to his policies. In the wake of Trump’s alleged “sh**hole” comment, many others have also left poor reviews for Trump-owned properties online.

This is not the first time that someone has used projection against Donald Trump’s Washington hotel. Back in May, a different projection appeared above the doorway reading, “Pay Trump bribes here,” a reference to the criticism that Trump has not properly distanced himself from his business ventures, leaving him open to bribery from foreign officials looking to curry favor. As CNN noted at the time, the projection was the work of activist and filmmaker Robin Bell, who stood behind his viral protest.

“It’s a pretty clear cut example of impropriety,” Bell said in a phone interview. “This is not like politics as usual. The rules and the lines are being pushed so far and this seemed to be so clear to me.”

It was not immediately clear if Bell was also behind the “Sh**hole” projection on Donald Trump’s Washington hotel, as so far no one has come forward to take credit for it. Trump himself has not spoken out about the protest, with the president spending a relatively quiet day on social media, going more than half the day without tweeting.

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