'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nathan's Tragic Death Reunites Maxie And Spinelli

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) will be leaving the show soon as part of the story arc about Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and his traitorous son Peter August (Wes Ramsey), Nathan's half-brother. The blind item about a contract actor leaving GH this winter has been swirling for weeks, but it's finally been confirmed on the Daytime Confidential podcast. Exactly when Nathan will be killed off is still unknown, but February sweeps seem likely. This opens the door to a reunion for Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms).

Ryan Paevey Exit Confirmed

On the most recent episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast, Jamey Giddens confirmed that the blind item referred to Ryan Paevey sending soap Twitter into an uproar. Giddens said about rumors of Paevey's exit that "it has been out there that Ryan Paevey is, spoiler alert, leaving the show," and his information is usually solid. Giddens has offered similar tidbits in the past on other actor departures with great accuracy. That, plus Nathan's current storyline, indicates Paevey has packed it in and is leaving.

There's also the fact that Paevey just took "GH actor" off his Twitter profile, although it's still listed on his Instagram account. In addition to his profile change, Paevey has been busy making movies for Hallmark and other places. He's got a busy agenda and it makes sense that the former model turned actor and jewelry maker would make a big move. The GH spoilers blind item says that it was the actor's choice to leave the ABC soap, so it all aligns plus there's Giddens' confirmation.

Bradford Anderson Back On Contract?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors have hinted since late summer that Spinelli might return to Port Charles to stay. The initial rumors said that Bradford Anderson had turned down a contract offer from the soap, but once Steve Burton came back to GH as Jason Morgan, that the actor was re-considering the offer since he's best pals with Burton. Since Jason's been back in Port Chuck, we've seen a lot of Spinelli too, so he might already have inked a new deal.

The obstacle to writing The Jackal back into the character canvas is that he lives in Portland with Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson), but that could easily change. Were Nathan to die at the hands of Faison or Peter the Traitor, Maxie would need comforting and Spinelli would be there for her. Comforting could easily lead to reconciliation and that would offer a reunion which would thrill many General Hospital fans. The Jackal is also neck deep in the Faison plot, so the stage is set.

Maxie And Spinelli Get Another Chance

General Hospital spoilers from next week for She Knows Soaps say that Jason keeps pushing for the truth. Then spoilers for the following week from Soap Central predict that Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) must confront her fears. That sure sounds like Faison shows his face soon. Fans are clamoring for the return of Anders Hove as villainous Faison and since there was a hint dropped that he's on Spoon Island, surely the bad man himself will show up for Nathan's coming death scene.

It could be Faison that offs Nathan, or it could be the traitor brother Peter, but either way, the writing is on the wall. Many GH fans aren't happy to see Maxie lose her man, particularly since she's pregnant. But if anything could soften the blow of "Naxie" ending, it would be the revival of The Jackal and Maximista as a couple. It could be a perfect plot twist. Spinelli would be there to support Maxie throughout her pregnancy and little Georgie could join them, so their family would be restored.

Brace yourselves for a casting shake-up GH fans as Nathan meets his maker and Spinelli might return for good. Catch up on spoilers about creepy Jim abusing Drew and Franco as kids, Lulu betraying Maxie, and the reveal of traitor Peter's secret mom. Watch ABC every day for the latest GH episodes and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers.