Another Mexican YouTube Star Dares Drug Lord El Mencho

The execution of Mexican YouTube star Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales aka El Pirata de Culiacán, a few weeks ago by armed gunmen shocked many who had come to follow his wild antics on social media. Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, he gained over a million followers on Facebook and Instagram at the age of 15 after one of his binge drinking videos went viral. His nickname became synonymous with the binge drinking culture and was the driving force behind his growing popularity in Mexico.

With regular video uploads of him chugging full bottles of alcohol and blacking out abound, El Pirata became a worthy sensation in the parting scene, earning him numerous invitations to parties and concerts. That said, his death was said to have been connected to a YouTube clip in which he insults El Mencho, leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). In the video, he states, ” El Mencho a mí me pela la verga”, a phrase that loosely translates to “suck my c‑‑‑”, according to the El Pais news network.

The CJNG cartel is currently said to rival El Chapo Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel both in the territories it controls in the country and trafficking of cocaine, heroin, Chrystal Meth, and marijuana into the United States. In some occasions, his cartel has openly gone after Sinaloa Cartel operatives, including El Chapo’s sons, who were reportedly kidnapped by his group in 2016 and apparently released after millions of dollars were paid as ransom. The ultra-violent organization is said to be among the most feared in Mexico.

That said, another popular Mexican Youtuber, El Chanito De Culiacan, recently made a video in which he valiantly vows to go after El Mencho in Guadalajara. In the clip, he and a young boy alongside him carry assault rifles as he tells of the events that led to the death of El Pirata De Culiacan and vows to go to after the kingpin.

The stunt was seen to be in bad taste by his fans as the consequences were likely to be grave. However, he soon after followed this with a video seeking forgiveness from the CJNG leader, explaining that he was drunk. This is as reported by Borderland Beat. El Pirata and El Chanito had an ongoing feud that started in 2016, with the latter mocking the former’s excessive drinking to gain more followers.