Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding Rumors: ‘Booze-up’ Stag Party, ‘Hag,’ And Bachelorette ‘Hen’ Bash


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are preparing for their wedding, with rumors of her dress (will she copy Kate Middleton’s gown?) and his best man (will he choose former President Obama?) taking the spotlight. But additional details are leaking, including what’s been described as a “booze-up” stag party for Harry and a “hen” party for Meghan.

An upscale ski resort reportedly will become the staging ground for Prince Harry’s stag party, with plenty of booze for everyone, according to the UK Daily Star. But Harry isn’t just limiting himself to a single stag party, friends of the prince told the UK newspaper. Meghan’s future husband plans to throw another bash that includes Markle.

Prince Harry’s Stag Party: ‘Booze-up’ In La Vache, Verbier

Amid the rumors about Harry’s stag party, the sighting of royal protection officers offered a clue. They were seen in one of Prince Harry’s favorite Swiss bars, La Vache in Verbier. It’s not just Harry who enjoys visiting there, however. Other members of the royal family have made it a popular place.

Prince Andrew reportedly is helping Harry with his stag party. The prince turned over his £13 million Chalet Helora holiday home to Harry and his friends. It’s not known if Prince Andrew will attend one or more of the parties, but an insider told the UK newspaper that Andrew had reserved time at Chalet Helora “as a gift from himself and the Duchess of York.”

But Harry hasn’t forgotten about Meghan.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning several parties prior to their May wedding.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning several parties prior to their May wedding.Featured image credit: KGC-178STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Markle and the prince will enjoy a separate joint celebration. It’s known as a “hag” party, mixing the traditional stag bash for the men with a “hen” party for the women.

“[Prince Harry] will also hold a ‘hag’ do — a joint stag and hen bash — with bride-to-be Meghan Markle at a polo match.”

Confirming the rumors about one of the stag parties taking place at Verbier, an insider told the newspaper that the prince’s “advance close-protection team” headed into La Vache. Although the officers were lunching, the source said that the team was checking out the place to ensure Harry’s safety.

Burgers And Private Bash At Club To ‘Young, Rich, And Famous’

The team included the same royal protection officers who skied with Harry in 2016. The insider revealed that when staff recognized the team, it was over.

“Once their cover was blown they made a quick exit as a few locals started asking if [Prince Harry] was coming,” added the source.

One of Harry’s friends, restaurateur Rob Sawyer, is co-owner of La Vache. Other co-owners include England rugby World Cup winner Lawrence Dallagio, singer James Blunt, and super-bike champion Carl Fogarty.

With booze reportedly playing a key role in the stag party, the menu overseen by Chef Heston Blumenthal includes simple foods such as burgers, pizzas, and goulash bowls. In addition to that celebration, one Harry’s close friends have a very intimate celebration planned.

“The prince’s mate Guy Pelly is said to be planning a private bash for him at Coco Club, which brags it is the home of ‘the young, the rich and the famous.'”

The Coco Club party group is expected to include Harry’s friend Thomas van Straubenzee along with ski instructor George Stoy. Harry has not yet announced his best man, and rumors even include the prince’s pal former President Obama for that role, as the Inquisitr reported. But it’s likely that whoever is the best man will attend at least one of the pre-wedding celebrations.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry To Party At Polo

Markle reportedly will have her own Bachelorette party in the United States. In addition, just prior to their wedding in May, Meghan and Harry will have their joint celebration, combining a stag party with a “hen” party, at a polo match.

A polo match is viewed as having special significance for Markle and the prince, friends told the publication. Harry and Meghan first appeared in public at a polo match in Ascot in 2017.

“Pals say Harry, 33, and former actress Meghan, 36, will celebrate together with a ‘hag’ [hen plus stag] do at a polo match.”

Beyond the special meaning that a polo match has for Markle and Harry, another insider told the newspaper that the prince is familiar with the “set-up” at polo matches. The environment makes it easier to keep Meghan’s and the prince’s celebrations “fairly private,” added the insider.

“It’s perfect for him and Meg and all their mates to celebrate together nearer to the wedding,” summed up the source.