Meghan Markle The New ‘People’s Princess’? Takes Title From Kate Middleton

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the official announcement that they are engaged, all eyes have been on the beauty and it seems that the former Suits actress has won over the multitudes, despite getting a rocky start with royal enthusiasts.

As the relationship between Harry and Meghan has evolved, so has the future royal’s fashion selections, and in the most favorable of ways. Markle consistently stuns due to her classy ensembles, now showing a more regal and mature Meghan, as opposed to her former edgier and trendy choices.

Markle is even being compared to the beloved Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her own stellar fashion sense that has been steadily winning over the masses for nearly a decade. Although Kate Middleton and Prince William have been the favorite royal couple for years, it seems that the popular vote has shifted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As the Daily Beast notes, no non-royal has been welcomed by enthusiasts the way Markle has. Despite Kate also having been a non-royal before she and Prince William were married, the pair had dated and lived together for so long prior to their engagement announcement, that the engagement lacked the fairy tale allure that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ties in.

“Kate was mocked as ‘Waity Katie’ in some quarters, and when she finally began her official journey into public life, she was almost painfully shy. But with Meghan, fans might be excused for feeling they have been swept up in a more passionate and impulsive romance, one which has gone from nought to 100 in less than two years.”

Due to her familiarity with the media and the spotlight, from her years as a known actress and celebrity, Meghan has started off strong in the public view, giving interviews confidently alongside her future hubby. However, Kate was quite shy and did not speak publicly until well into her marriage to Prince William. Initially earning the nickname “waity Kate,” Middleton finally found her comfort and began to make regular public appearances, as well as speeches at various events. Since then, Middleton has managed to gain praise internationally.

Although Meghan and Harry seem to be the current ‘it’ royal couple, their wedding will likely be a less public event than Duchess Kate and Prince William‘s seeing as William is recognized as the future King of England. It will most certainly, however, be an extravagant and lavish affair for guests, as the Daily Mail notes.