January 13, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Lulu Cheats On Dante - Sleeps With Peter When PC Shuns Her For Betraying Nathan

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the Falconeri's marriage may be in trouble very soon. Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) really wants to impress her boss Peter August (Wes Ramsey) and show him that she is a capable investigative journalist. Unfortunately, Lulu isn't savvy enough to realize that Peter has another agenda and is just using her to get to Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). She unknowingly betrays Nathan's real identity and puts Nathan (Ryan Paevey), Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and their baby in danger. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) will also be furious because he warned Lulu that she will be putting Nathan in jeopardy. In typical Lulu fashion, she feels that everyone has turned against her and falls into Peter's waiting arms.

Unless you have blinders on, you would have noticed that Peter August has an eye for a beautiful woman. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he definitely has noticed Lulu and has helped make her transition to investigative journalism an easy one. According to She Knows Soaps recaps, Peter promised Lulu that she could have a big headline if she found Faison and interviewed him. However, Maxie told her BFF Lulu that Faison is Nathan's father. Now that Nathan has agreed to an interview with Lulu, and thus to be used as bait to lure Faison out, she tells Peter that Nathan is Faison's son.

Viewers will know that Maxie is paranoid about anyone finding out that Faison is Nathan's father. She has had a series of nightmares that have her worried that Faison may do something to her or the baby. She even went so far as to warn Sonny about telling anyone about Nathan's paternity. Unfortunately, he had already told Anna. Somebody also needs to tell Maxie that having Dr. Obrecht as her baby's paternal grandmother also doesn't set this child up for success. Little does she know that her best friend has already revealed this secret to somebody too close to the situation. General Hospital spoilers state that Peter's agenda is far worse than anybody could have ever imagined.
"You know what else is good for the baby, Sonny? If nobody anywhere ever finds out that Faison is its grandfather!"
According to General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, Peter August is also Cesar Faison' son. Peter is reportedly trying to lure his father out so that he can kill him. How far will he go to accomplish his goal? What does this mean for Lulu now that she has betrayed Maxie and Nathan? Of course, she doesn't know who Peter is but she did break a confidence for her own gain.
The consequences of this betrayal will be huge. Not only will Nathan, Maxie, and the baby's lives be in danger, but Dante will also reject Lulu for ignoring his advice by using Nathan. For the melodramatic Lulu, it will feel as if the whole world has turned their back on her. She will fall apart and General Hospital spoilers tease that Peter will only be too willing to pick up the pieces. It remains to be seen if Dante and Lulu's marriage will be able to survive her latest infidelity.