‘NCIS’ Season 15: 3 Reasons Tony And Ziva’s Replacement Could Be Bishop And Torres

Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) have long been gone from NCIS. A lot of fans agree that they are irreplaceable. Viewers believe nothing can top their strong chemistry – not even Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who, in a recent episode, went undercover as a romantic couple. Torres and Bishop showed everyone their different sides and it looks like sparks could fly for these characters.

There’s also the fact that NCIS Season 15’s Torres and Bishop’s undercover story was somehow similar to how Tony and Ziva started. It can be recalled that Tony and Ziva also played as an undercover couple, which paved the way to a blossoming romance. Buddy TV has pointed out similarities between Torres and Bishop and Tony and Ziva, which suggests that the former pair could very well be the latter’s replacement.

The Bickering

NCIS fans know very well that it took time for the team to warm up to Ziva, who was then a newcomer. Eventually, she became comfortable with the team, with Tony acting as somewhat the annoying sibling. This didn’t last long for their friendship somehow blossomed into romance despite getting on each other’s nerves. The same thing goes for Bishop and Torres. They may have deep respect for each other but they can’t help but bicker.

Valderrama even agrees, telling Parade in an interview that Torres and Bishop have this “unique friendship and relationship.”

“They admire each other, but they bicker a little bit and there’s a lot of banter between them sometimes.”

They Look Out for Each Other

Agents in a team naturally care for each other. After all, they’re on the same team and that’s what they do – to look out for one of their own. However, it was noted that Torres and Bishop’s level of care for each other is a bit different. In the NCIS Season 15 episode where they went undercover, Torres and Bishop established a new bond that’s hard to ignore.

Sparks could fly for NCIS Season 15's Torres and Bishop

In the same interview, Valderrama shared how the two characters realize that they do care about each other, and at the same time, they have this will to solve a case. The actor went on to say that his character thinks Bishop is “essentially perfect” and that he’s surprised they think alike. Bishop, on the other hand, also realized that she cares deeply for Torres that she’s willing to sacrifice her safety to make sure he is alright. After the episode, their respect for each other has grown.

Valderrama Hints

Some fans may see it coming, while others don’t want to support such pairing on NCIS Season 15, but Valderrama may have given it away in the interview, teasing fans that “something really funny” is bound to happen between Bishop and Torres.

“There’s something very confusing that happens, specifically to Torres because he really did not expect to appreciate her work as much as he does, you know?”

Valderrama didn’t reveal much but only told fans that they should watch out for this “fun chemistry” between Torres and Bishop. While fans may find it hard to let go of Tony and Ziva’s memory, Torres and Bishop’s potential relationship might be another reason to love NCIS even more.