January 13, 2018
'Gold Rush': Todd Hoffman's 'Bad Luck,' Parker Schnabel's 'Ticking Time Bomb' And Tony Beets' Bite Of Elephant

Could it be too late for the Hoffman crew? Todd says that they are "still in the game." He may just be trying to convince himself as this has been a brutal season, and things don't look like they are going to get much easier, especially for Hunter Hoffman.

As for Parker Schnabel, he is ready to move on to a new cut. What does landlord Tony Beets have to say about this? And how long does it take to dismantle a dredge, Tony Beets style? The latest episode of Gold Rush called "Lost Gold" has all of the answers.

Todd boldly declares that he's "still in the game," and all looks good for the struggling Hoffman crew as the test on a new cut shows that there is "good gold." This has to mean that things are looking up for this frustrated Gold Rush team.

Todd and Freddy go to their old claim to bring back Double Trouble and shockingly discover that most of their equipment gone! There is no sluice nor is there a feeder.

The owner of the claim firmly tells Todd that he cannot move Double Trouble to the new cut. Then, the man essentially tells Todd that he is clueless, which may be what Gold Rush fans have been wondering all season.

Todd tells him not to say "no," but the man still says "no." This cannot help Todd's desperate situation.

Now Hunter Hoffman is in charge while Todd takes off for a week to find a trommel. Hunter, who Gold Rush fans may remember from a recent episode, cost more in fines than he did in gold found, shows up late, and he spends all of his time with his nose to his smartphone.

Hunter is so preoccupied with texting that he didn't notice that the shaker wasn't turned on and soon, the plant begins to overflow. This causes everything to jam, and the frustrated team needs to shovel it out.

After the week is out, Todd returns and he needs money. He uncovered a trommel, but it costs $300,000. Todd needs a good gold total.

At clean up time Rescue Red weighs out at 71.65 ounces, while Rusty Red weighs out at 67.3 ounces. Although this gold will not quite pay for the new trommel, Todd is still pleased. But the other members of the Hoffman team are angry with Hunter, and they let Todd know in no certain words.

Parker is ready to get a new cut opened up, as there is no more pay for Sluicifer at Scribner Creek. Parker decides to remove the grizzly bars to speed things up.

According to Monsters and Critics, Chad Paullus questions this decision by his boss.

"Parker wants to not use the grizzly bars and crank the feed up. That's his plan…I don't really know if it's a good idea, but he's the boss, so that's what we're gonna do."
If Parker only knew what a disaster loose grizzly bars were for Todd last week, he may not have come up with that solution.

So instead, the Schnabel crew has their own disaster with rocks and boulders jamming up the wash plant, and stopping the production from going forward.

Thankfully, Rick Ness is there to fix the problem, as Parker watches on the sidelines.

As if on cue, just as they are finishing up with the last load of rocks into the plant, Tony Beets comes out to see if Scribner Creek is really out of gold as Parker believes. He gets a nice percentage if Parker is on the gold, so it makes sense that his inquiring business mind wants to check things out.

They test the ground and find nothing. Tony is satisfied, and the two Gold Rush stars, Tony and Parker exchange colorful language and scowls before Beets heads out to his own claim.

How much gold did the Schnabel crew get this week? Big Red gets 236.75 ounces, while Sluicifer ends up with an amazing 358.85 ounces. Now to get that new cut going and keep on the gold!

This is a machinery week for the Beets crew. Tony asks the rhetorical question, "How do you eat an elephant?"

His strange Gold Rush question is really about tearing down a dredge in the fast way possible. They start with taking apart the pulley blocks and go from there. But, the crane cannot lift the stacker because it is too heavy.

What ensues is Gold Rush at its finest moment. The Beets crew takes the long and arduous process of disassembling this elephant by using the crane to hold the high end up. Then they cut the cables supporting the low end after making it secure and lowering it to the ground. This should set up the Beets crew with some good gold the rest of the season!