Media Accuses The Duggar Family Of Making Up Fake Careers For Their Older Children

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The Duggar family has been under fire since 2015 when it was revealed that Josh Duggar, the eldest son in the family, had molested five young women including four of his younger sisters. Since then, critics and the media have been on high alert, calling them out on various lies and “creative truths” they have made up in order to keep their family looking wholesome and pure.

Recently, In Touch Weekly has called out the mega family for inventing careers for the older children in their clan.

Not too long ago, the family was called out for a fake scene in which Jinger Duggar stated she had a career flipping cars. According to reports, the family hired an actor to play the person interested in the car she had flipped, when in reality, no one had been interested at all.

The magazine also called out the family for stating that Jana Duggar, the long-suffering oldest daughter in the family, was a concert pianist in one of their blog posts. According to many critics of the family, Jana only plays the piano at home and for various church gatherings. Thus far, it doesn’t seem that Jana Duggar has any inclination to play professionally, though the family made it seem like she did.

Two years ago, in the height of the Duggar scandals, Jill Duggar Dillard was called out for her midwife qualifications. While Jill and Jana were supposedly working toward becoming midwives and were being supervised by an actual midwife, several people claimed that the qualification Jill obtained was totally bogus. According to one blogger, Jill obtained a “counterfeit Midwife certificate” and that she doesn’t actually have the knowledge needed to assist in giving birth.

Additionally, Jill and her husband, Derick have been criticized for their mission work, which is not tied to any religious institution.

Jana, John David, and Joe Duggar have all been slated as “emergency responders,” though in reality, they have completed simple courses and have worked as volunteers in their hometown instead of actual emergency respondents.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Jedidiah Duggar, however, did complete an internship with a Republican member of the House of Representatives, something that the family didn’t necessarily brag about, but didn’t keep quiet.