10 absolutely awesome case mods

It is inevitable. Mix computer parts together with geeks whose imagination easily goes into overdrive and you will end up with some pretty incredible computer case modifications, or case mods as they are commonly referred to.

The Crave blog has picked what it considers to be 20 of the most extreme case mods but some of them I found rather lame so I’ve narrowed the actual list down to ten. Here they are for you to evaluate and possibly inspire.

What’s a little bit of gaming without a cold beer eh


How can you tell a Futurama fan? They build a case mod of their fav character


Who says you can’t take it all with you eh


I want this one so bad I can taste it .. damn.


Ah the good old Star Wars mod – where would we be without one of these.


The beaver case mod? No not that kind you dirty minded person you.


Be careful where you aim.


See what can happen when you get mad at your computer – it’ll go all Hulk on you.


We’ve got the toaster but who forgot the coffee?


I really don’t want to know where the CD or DVD goes.