‘Big Brother’ Star Loses Her Daughter To Apparent Suicide

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Big Brother 8 star Amber Siyavus is mourning the death of her teen daughter. Lexi Tomcavage, the 18-year-old daughter of Big Brother 8 houseguest Amber Siyavus, died in an apparent suicide less than three months after the suicide death of her best friend. Tomcavage’s death makes her the fourth student from the same Ohio high school to have died since the start of this school year, according to Fox News.

According to a report by TMZ, the night before her death, Amber Siyavus’ daughter tweeted about missing her best friend Kyleigh Crawford, who died in October. Lexi Tomcavage reportedly tweeted three times about missing her friend, writing “i miss you” and “never been like this before.”

At the time of Kyleigh Crawford’s death, local media focused on the bullying problem in the town of Perry, Ohio as the local high schools stepped up counseling to students and offered suicide prevention programs. Lexi Tomcavage graduated from Perry High School in 2017.

Big Brother fans are offering their support to Amber Siyavus after the tragic loss of her daughter. After the sad news was announced, fans of the CBS franchise hit social media to offer their prayers and support to the grieving Big Brother alum.


Amber Siyavus appeared on Season 8 of Big Brother in 2007 and was known for her frequent crying spells, which earned her the fan-given nickname “Whamber.”

During the filming of Big Brother 8, the Las Vegas cocktail waitress was in the “Late Night Crew” alliance with Evel Dick Donato, who ultimately won that season of the CBS reality show. In a rare departure from the strictly sequestered reality show, Amber won a secret trip to New York City to compete on the game show Power of 10, where she won $1000. Siyavus talked about her young daughter frequently throughout her time on Big Brother before she became the eighth houseguest eliminated from the show and the third member of the jury.

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In an interview with Buddy TV shortly after Big Brother 8 wrapped, Amber said she couldn’t wait to reunite with her daughter after being separated from her for an entire summer.

“I’ve talked to her every day, like 10 times a day,” Siyavus said in 2007. “Talk to her in the morning, on her way to school, the whole time she’s in the car. I talk her to sleep at night. It touches my heart. My daughter is my life…I love my daughter, me and her are best friends…Everything that she is, I am, and I’ve taught her to be the person she is as much as she’s taught me to be the person that I am.”

You can see Amber Siyavus blowing up at America’s Houseguest Eric Stein in the Big Brother clip below. Warning: Strong language.