Lady Gaga’s Friends Concerned For Her Health, Super Skinny Star Reportedly Wearing Herself Too Thin

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Lady Gaga has a lot of irons in the fire, and some of her close friends are worried that she’s spreading herself a little thin for her health. The pop star just signed a huge residency contract to sing in Las Vegas and is also starring in Bradley Cooper’s new movie, A Star Is Born. Is Gaga’s schedule starting to harm her health?

Gaga’s Health Fades

An inside source told OK Magazine that Gaga’s health has been steadily declining over the past few months. The source claims that Gaga has been shedding a lot of weight and recently suffered a hip injury that has left her with unbearable pain. Gaga recently opened up about the injury and admitted that the pain has been difficult.

Although Gaga has had some time to heal, her new Vegas contract means she will have to perform a few shows every week. With her body not 100 percent yet, many of her close friends are worried that the arduous schedule will wreak havoc on her system.

“This should be a really exciting time for Gaga, but she stretches herself too thin and there’s a real chance this kind of pressure could aggravate her problems,” the insider explained, adding that her friends are “terrified that she’s working herself to death.”

Is Gaga Coming Out With A New Album?

In addition to the Las Vegas deal, MTV reports that Gaga might be working on a new album. The album rumors have not been officially confirmed, though it looks like Gaga will be releasing at least one new track in the coming weeks.

Gaga is set to sing a song for an animated movie by Paul McCartney. Gaga was spotted in the studio with McCartney and is expected to release the song soon.

Gaga Shows Off Bikini Bod

According to Huffington Post, Gaga also just treated fans with a revealing bikini photo on Instagram. The pop star shared a photo of herself in a thong bikini, wishing everyone a happy New Year.

Despite her health rumors, fans reacted positively to the photo and were happy that Gaga was putting herself back into the spotlight. Gaga looked great in the pic, though it is unclear when the photo was taken. We can only hope that Gaga regains her strength soon and is able to handle her busy schedule in 2018.

Gaga Supports Oprah

Gaga has not addressed the rumors surrounding her fading health. According to Billboard, Gaga recently expressed her support for Oprah Winfrey running for the presidency in 2020. Oprah gave a rousing speech during the Golden Globes, and Gaga took to Twitter to let the world know that Oprah has her vote in the next election.

Gaga, of course, has been an active voice for women’s rights and the LGBTQ community over the years and her beliefs line up perfectly with Oprah’s. Whether or not Oprah runs for president, however, is yet to be seen.

Shortly after Lady Gaga’s tweet, some fans told her that she should run as Oprah’s vice president, which would certainly make a powerful female duo.