Banana Ban At BBC In Place To Safeguard Employee From Allergic Reaction

A banana ban is now in place at the BBC after one of the company’s employees said she was very allergic to the yellow fruit.

In an effort to keep one of their co-workers safe, employees at the BBC have put together a self-imposed ban on the fruit. According to the Telegraph, the company itself is not instating the ban. A spokesperson revealed that staff members are just looking out for the welfare of their colleague.

The BBC representative explained:

“The posters placed in specific areas of the newsroom have been put up by staff out of courtesy for a fellow colleague who has a strong medical sensitivity to bananas which can lead to severe symptoms.”

Although the woman said that consuming the fruit would lead to a severe reaction, the employee stated that her allergy is not fatal.

According to The Sun, it was the employee that initially requested the banana ban at the BBC. In order to safeguard the woman from the consequences of making contact with the food, staff decided to put a plan into action.

To spread the word about the recent ban, posters showing a banana with a line through it have been posted around the company’s headquarters. Although some think the flyers are a joke, others seem well educated in the problems such an allergy can cause.

Banana allergies can affect a person in a few different ways. While some people experience itching and swelling of the mouth if the fruit is consumed, others may experience swelling and constricting in their airways. In short, the allergy can be a serious problem for those who have it.

The banana ban is currently in place around the BBC headquarters, including sections of the newsroom. If anyone wishes to consume the offending fruit, they will have to do so in an area that hasn’t been deemed off limits by employees.

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