Carrie Underwood Drops Inspiring New Song After Face Injury

Carrie Underwood is indeed unbreakable! Following her horrific accident in November, the country superstar is back in the spotlight with a new single! She’s been dropping hints about the new song all week on Instagram, and now fans can finally listen to its full upbeat glory.

The full track of Carrie’s new song, entitled “The Champion,” has been released today after being teased during the NFL Wild Card game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams on Jan. 6. According to, the single was commissioned for this year’s Super Bowl in February.

In an interview with Variety last September, Carrie talked about writing “The Champion.” She revealed that she first shared the finished track with her husband Mike Fisher. Mike, who’s a professional hockey player, instantly loved the tune.

“He would listen to it before playoff games. He was like ‘I want everyone to hear it!’ and I had to tell him, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t play it in the locker room. I’m sorry.’ But that was a good indicator that we were on the right track.”

In the up-tempo track, which is a collaboration with rapper Ludacris, Carrie Underwood sings about being “invincible, unbreakable, unstoppable, and unshakeable.” Though it was written several months prior, the song can still refer to Carrie’s recent face-altering accident.

“I’ll be the last one standing, two hands in the air I’m a champion. You’ll be looking up at me when it’s over. I live for the battle I’m a soldier, yeah,” Carrie belts out in the sports anthem.

Carrie Underwood debuts new song for Superbowl 2018
Carrie Underwood performs during a Superbowl pre-grame show in 2010.

Early this year, Carrie Underwood revealed on her website that she needed 40-50 stitches in the face after falling outside her home in November. Because of this, the 34-year-old said that her face may look “a bit different,” People reported.

“It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life. In addition to breaking my wrist, I somehow managed to injure my face as well. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my fall, the doctor told [Underwood’s husband] Mike that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in.”

Despite her ordeal, Carrie Underwood stated that she’s excited about the new year and promised to make a comeback once she’s ready to face the cameras. In December, the Jesus Take The Wheel singer has been spotted at a gym in Tennessee. Carrie posed with a fan and reality star Adrienne Gang for a selfie, showing her beautiful bare face which didn’t look unrecognizable at all. Still, millions of her fans are waiting to see the American Idol alum make an official public appearance.

Unfortunately, some critics including talk show host Wendy Williams have slammed Carrie’s story as an excuse to have a face-lift. According to Hollywood Life, the host is challenging the singer to guest on her show to dispel such talks. Neither Carrie nor her management has responded to the rumors.

Listen to Carrie Underwood’s new single below.