Middle Finger Light Display: Woman Wants To Keep Decorations Up Year Round

Baton Rouge, LA – A woman’s middle finger Christmas light display is the subject of a recent lawsuit. Although she claims the lights are protected by the first amendment, the city seems to feel otherwise.

Sarah Childs put up the display as a message to her neighbors, people she feels may have stolen her dog. According to the Examiner, the woman wants to keep the middle finger light display up all year so those around her know precisely how she feels.

Childs says she has been threatened by police on several occasions regarding the lights. In addition to facing numerous fines for the colorful message she’s sending to her neighbors, the woman said she has been threatened with arrest if she doesn’t take the display down.

The Associated Press reports that Childs has already removed the middle finger Christmas light display twice. However, the lights were reinstated once she received permission from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

U.S. District Judge James Brady will determine if she will ultimately have to remove the display since it seems to be offending those who live around here. She reportedly has a temporary order from the judge that allows her to keep the display up until a ruling has been made.

Denham Springs police officer Jared Kreamer explained in court on Monday that he asked Childs to remove the display since he felt the middle finger lights were disturbing the peace. Although he said he didn’t recall telling the woman she could be arrested for removing the lights, a cell phone recording provided by Childs proved otherwise.

You can check out video of the Christmas display below. Keep in mind the imagery might not be safe for work.

What do you think about Sarah Childs’ middle finger light display? Do you think this sort of thing is protected by the First Amendment?

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