Nicki Minaj To Never Reconcile With Alleged Cheater Safaree Samuels After Nas Breakup [Rumors]

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Nicki Minaj has no interest in getting back with former boyfriend Safaree Samuels following her split with Nas, it has been revealed.

According to Hollywood Life, the female rapper had called it quits with the hip-hop legend, with sources claiming that the twosome simply didn’t have enough time to be with one another and consequently decided it’d be better off with them just being friends.

It should be noted that their breakup wasn’t on a bad note. Nicki Minaj and Nas continue to remain friends — something which the 35-year-old can’t say about her other exes, such as Meek Mill and Safaree, who has made endless attempts to reconnect with his former lover.

After learning about Nicki’s breakup with Nas, Samuels wasted no time to make it known on social media that he would hope for Minaj to give him another chance in what would eventually lead to the ultimate reconciliation.

But apparently, Nicki Minaj is far from interested in getting back with the music producer, 36, particularly because their relationship ended due to the supposed fact that Safaree had cheated on the “Super Bass” hitmaker with another woman.

One source mentions how Nicki wouldn’t even take Safaree back if he was the only man left on earth, stressing that there have been too many things happening behind the scenes that have contributed to Minaj’s feelings about her former partner.

Samuels had filed a lawsuit against the 35-year-old, saying that he was unfairly paid less than what he was entitled to for having held endless credits on Minaj’s songs but supposedly failed to see any solid income following the breakup.

Safaree had implied in his lawsuit that Nicki Minaj had prevented him from getting his full earnings because of the fact that they were no longer an item, consequently forcing a judge to overlook the matter and make a decision.

Nicki Minaj, at the time, said that she wouldn’t pay Samuels a dime for anything that he claims to be entitled to because whatever he did for her were things she had already cleared in multiple checks, even after they were no longer together.

Either way, Nicki is completely done with Samuels.