Leah Messer Still Looking To Date But Fans Want Her To Drop The Guys For Now

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images For CMT

Leah Messer has revealed that she’s excited about the upcoming season of the show. Last season, this Teen Mom 2 star shared a date with viewers. Even though things didn’t work out, it was a hilarious scene to watch. Leah knows that fans want her to find love so she has someone to share her life with, but Messer isn’t eager to find someone after two failed marriages. The Teen Mom 2 star has revealed that she wants to focus on her daughters and she wants to ensure that they are taken care of before she pursues a relationship with a new man. Plus, she has hinted that her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, has a chance with her again.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now asking her fans if they want to see her date more on the MTV show. Maybe she wants to provide a funny storyline and she wants her fans to enjoy her storyline on the show. Perhaps she’s growing tired of only filming at school and showcasing Ali’s doctor’s appointments. Fans really reacted well to her dating scene, especially since it was a bit awkward and hilarious. Now, she’s willing to go on more dates for Teen Mom 2.

When Leah Messer asked her fans about dating on Teen Mom 2, she got mixed results. While many people said they would love to see her date, others felt that it was best she took it easy. Perhaps some people believe that Leah would want to look for husband number three, even though she has questioned whether she even wants to get married again. Some fans may think that she will repeat her mistakes with Jeremy, getting married and having a baby with him very soon after meeting. When one follower told her that she should slow down and just have fun with her kids, Leah replied that she agreed.

“That’s basically where I’m at with it, but it’s okay to date/have friends. Doesn’t mean you’re looking for anything exclusive,” Messer responded on Twitter, revealing she’s definitely not looking for a third husband.

Leah Messer is currently attending school and she may just be looking for dates to get out and have some adult time with people. With three kids, one can imagine she needs it.