‘Destiny 2’ Update: Game Director Christopher Barrett Hints At Coming Improvements

Last week, Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett promised major changes and good news for fans of the video game. Barrett said that they were working on a new update and gamers could expect to see it hit this week. It sounds like Barrett is following through on his promise. Late on Wednesday night, Barrett took to Twitter and said that he just finished an edit of “tomorrow’s update” and that it is the time that they “make good on promises.” A number of fans responded to the tweet, and Barrett took the time to give one line answers to some inquiries on what could be coming with the latest Destiny 2 update from Bungie.

New Destiny 2 Weapon And Armor Mods

One question was whether or not the new weapon and armor mods would be discussed in this new Destiny 2 update. To answer the question, Barrett said: “signs point to yes.” There are some questions on what this could mean for the update to the video game.

When asking about the armor and weapon mods, it brings up questions surrounding the vault space. Forbes broke down the problems with the vault space in a recent article asking what changes they thought Bungie should make to Destiny 2. They reported that Curse of Osiris added 200 new items, but the space in the vault remained small, so where do the new items go?

The hope is that part of the solution is to add more vault space and not just dump more armor and weapons into the game.

Destiny 2 PvP

A Twitter user also asked Barrett about the PvP and whether this Destiny 2 update will address those complaints. Once again, Barrett used his Magic 8-Ball to say yes. This also remains something gamers need to watch to see which changes are coming.

Will Bungie add something like ranked and private matches, which is an addition but not a fix? The main complaints were that the PvP mode in Destiny 2 was a huge step down from the first game. In a poll on Giant Bomb, only 21 percent of those polled thought that the PvP mode was an improvement from the first game.

The Destiny 2 Collectables

Another question asked about collectibles in the Destiny 2 update. Barrett also said yes when asked about more collectibles and hidden secrets and also said yes to getting things like “dead Ghosts.” However, PC Games N reported that he clarified there might not be dead Ghosts as collectibles, but things “like dead Ghosts.”

In Destiny, there were dead Ghosts hidden around the environment to find and collect. They would unlock a grimoire card for gamers to read, and those were informative on things in the Destiny story lore that the game didn’t spell out. Both the grimoire and dead ghosts are missing in Destiny 2.

Barrett also said the Destiny 2 update would include things like the Rumble and said that it was a very long update. Gamers will have to wait until Friday to hear all about the actual news, but it sounds like good things are coming for Destiny 2.

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