Trump A ‘Con Man, Liar, Idiot’ Who ‘Sold Us A Bag Of S***,’ Ex-Union Boss Tells Carrier Workers Amid Layoffs

President Donald Trump was branded a “liar” and a “con man” by Chuck Jones, the ex-president of United Steelworkers. As seen in the below video from Wednesday, January 10, Jones admitted that while he didn’t personally vote for President Donald Trump, he did credit Trump with helping to save jobs at Carrier. However, that didn’t stop Chuck from unleashing on Trump for not preventing all layoffs at Carrier, in spite of Trump tweeting often about how many “jobs jobs jobs” he is creating and saving.

As seen in the above photo from 2016, Trump visited Indianapolis and shook hands with Carrier Corp. factory employees. However, on Facebook, the Good Jobs Nation Town Hall meeting is getting plenty of buzz as Carrier employees spoke of their anger towards President Trump for his failed promises to save Carrier jobs.

As reported by Raw Story, Carrier has said it will lay off 215 employees on Thursday at their Indianapolis plant. The layoff announcement came one year after Trump boasted of saving more than 2,000 Carrier jobs. But “The State of the Working Class” event culminated in Chuck saying “Donald Trump is a liar and an idiot.” The video has gotten more than 1,200 views on Facebook alone since being uploaded 20 hours ago.

Chuck accused Trump of promising on the campaign trail that he would make jobs remain in the U.S., with Jones acknowledging that some of the Carrier workers in the room voted for “Trump because of the promises that he made.” Chuck noted that Trump mentioned Carrier by name plenty of times in the past, causing people to buy into the notion that Trump would save their jobs.

Jones also emphatically stated that Trump “was full of s*** when he was campaigning.”

Chuck even mentioned that Trump did not state he was bringing back jobs from outside of the country to the U.S., with Jones noting that Trump didn’t mention bringing back Ivanka’s jobs (presumably foreign workers for her fashion line) to the U.S.

“He’s a pure and simple con man and I’m sorry people bought into his message. He sold us a bag of s*** and now we’re stuck with it.”

Carrier workers facing layoffs feel betrayed by Trump, reports the New Yorker.

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