‘Sh***y Media Men’ Full List Of 72 Names Is Published As List Author Moira Donegan Names Herself

Moira Donegan is a 28-year-old writer who has written a viral essay, explaining why she decided to go public as the writer of the infamous “Sh***y Media Men” list. The essay titled “I Started the Media Men List: My name is Moira Donegan” was published to The Cut. In it, Moira explained that she originally created a Google spreadsheet named “Sh***y Media Men” in order to help share warnings with other women about men who were allegedly known as those in media rumored to have engaged in sexual misconduct.

Unexpectedly, the list of men in media — specifically, men who worked in the magazine and publishing industry — went viral and Donegan explained how that notion freaked her out. The contributors to the list of media men were anonymous, but the document contained a long list of troubling accusations that ranged from everything to sexual misconduct to rape. Moira found out that her name was going public as the original creator of the original list, however, Katie Roiphe of Harper’s magazine has joined Twitter to say that she wasn’t going to name Moira as the writer of the list, according to the Cut.

The ‘Sh***y Media Men’ author, according to the New York Times, was trying to get ahead of Katie’s March essay for Harper’s. In spite of the controversy, the once-deleted list is once again public and published, with harrowing allegations next to some of the names of the 72 men currently on the list.


Searching through names that appear on the list of names in media results in certain articles already public about the men, such as the allegations that faced a VICE “male feminist” contributor, according to Breitbart News. The “whisper network” had apparently grown to a shout for others.

Nevertheless, the list of male names has experienced a surge in interest after Donegan named herself as the author of the list, which had names of men added to it, along with a long list of troubling accusations next to their associated publications and titles, be they freelance writers, editors, novelists, or teachers. Some of those troubling accusations can be read below.

“Workplace harassment, domestic assault, creepy DMs or texts especially when drunk.”

“RAPE, sexual assault, retribution against writers, inappropriate communication with female writers under guise of ‘editing.'”

“Unsolicited d*** pics.”

“Inappropriate communication, harassment, inappropriate digital contact, sexual assault, followed someone into a bathroom and tried to masturbate in front of them.”

“Invited himself into private apartment, refused to leave when asked, climbed into bed with victim and forced ‘cuddling,’ leering.”

“Gave a woman a black eye, dm harasser, emotionally abusive, loses his s*** at women in a public fashion.”

“Entices with open marriage, harassment for nude pics and sex, assumes perpetual sexual availability after a hookup, drugged a woman and attempted to rape her.”

“Ostracized a coworker he met on dating app a year prior because she rejected him, roped other people into ostracizing her, takes credit for ideas of women of color, dumps managerial/editorial responsibilities on women who are his direct reports, throws violent temper tantrums in the office.”

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