Is Kelly Ripa Ready To Leave ‘Live’? The Truth Behind The Claims ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ With Ryan Seacrest

After only eight months on the air, a new tabloid story is claiming that the honeymoon is over for Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Could there already be trouble brewing that would cause Ripa to leave the show?

Inside The Tabloid Story

In a recent tabloid story, an inside source claims that when Seacrest joined the show last May, Ripa was “thrilled,” but now an insider says that she is making sure that he knows she is the boss on the show, and he is getting tired of her pushiness.

Even though they don’t give any examples, the publication insists that the problems between the co-hosts are starting to show on the air.

“Kelly regularly cuts him off when they’re doing celebrity interviews, and she frequently interrupts and talks over him. It’s becoming a pattern. You can even see it when you watch the show from home because friends of Ryan’s have noticed,” reveals a source.

The insider continues to say that Ripa’s muscle-flexing is rubbing Seacrest the wrong way. They are supposed to be a team, but she is always acting like she is in charge.

The Rumors Are False

So, is there any truth to this reported feud? Gossip Cop says the story is completely false. Both Ripa and Seacrest are both Executive Producers on the show, but it makes sense that she has seniority, since she has been on the show for nearly two decades.

The rumor-debunking site also clears up the claim that Ripa is interrupting Seacrest and talking over him. On a talk show, there is always going to be cross-talk and interruptions, no matter who the guests or co-hosts are. This is simply the nature of a talk show and has nothing to do with Ripa trying to be a dominant force.

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The site also notes that instead of using a fill-in or hosting alone the day after the Golden Globes – when he was on the West Coast – Seacrest called-in to appear via video satellite.

And, as soon as he returned the next day, Ripa did nothing but gush about having him seated next to her again.

But, the biggest clue that there is no truth to this rumor is a story from the New York Times last month, where Ripa called Seacrest the future of the franchise and the future of ABC.

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Ripa and Seacrest’s Ratings Continue To Rise

Things are going very well at Live, with Broadway World reporting that their ratings are at one-year highs. In fact, Ripa and Seacrest closed out 2017 as the week’s number one rated syndicated talk show.

According to Cheat Sheet, one of the secrets of their success is that the co-hosts work out together and they say “hi” and talk to each other before they go on the air.

Ryan Seacrest says he is genuinely excited to see Kelly Ripa every morning.