North Korea News: President Trump Preparing For Preemptive Strike According To Reports

When North Korean officials met with their South Korean counterparts to discuss the winter Olympics, it was suggested that President Donald Trump’s strategy on the hermit nation was beginning to pay off. During the entirety of the Trump presidency, we have seen him attack North Korea, and its leader, Kim Jong-un, on numerous occasions, but there have been signs that Trump was willing to soften his position. As reported by USA Today, Trump stated yesterday that he might be willing to negotiate with North Korea if the “circumstances were right.”

However, it seems that the hopes of avoiding a war between the U.S. and North Korea may prove to be forlorn. Vice President Mike Pence recently warned North Korea that the U.S. is prepared for World War 3, and according to the Daily Express, President Trump has ordered the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear aircraft carrier, to the Korean peninsula. John Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations, has warned that the USS Carl Vinson will be in a position to deter against North Korean aggression during the forthcoming Winter Olympics.

North Korea’s leaders have a long history of carrying out provocative actions during major world events. The eyes of the world will be on Korea during the Olympics, so Kim Jong-un could well conduct another nuclear or missile test during the games.

Is President Trump preparing To Attack North Korea?

According to 38 North, the North Korean regime is convinced that President Trump has only one goal in mind, his threatened “total destruction” of North Korea. They argue that U.S. exercises with South Korean and Japanese forces show that the Pentagon is “preparing for war,” and that serves only to accelerate North Korea’s rush to develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent against what it sees as American aggression.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Trump has repeatedly indicated that he will accept nothing short of total nuclear disarmament by North Korea. Kim Jong-un has responded by saying that he will not roll back on his nuclear weapons program until North Korea is capable of striking the continental United States with a nuclear missile.

North Korea has claimed that they are now able to launch a direct attack on the U.S., and most analysts claim that Kim Jong-un is close to achieving that goal. As reported by the Daily Star, President Trump has ordered a fleet of B-2 stealth bombers to Guam, an action that is certain to be seen as provocative by North Korea.

All of this, according to the Guardian, means that tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are far from over. They argue that “Donald Trump’s thin skin, ignorance, and inconsistency” mean that tensions remain high between the two nations. Just last week we saw an extraordinary attack by President Trump on the North Korean leadership. Trump tweeted that he had a “bigger nuclear button” than Kim Jong-un.

Whilst President Trump continues to make threats of that nature, North Korea will continue to fear that Trump will order a military strike against them. Trump’s indication that he would consider negotiations with North Korea is a positive step, but the president has made clear that he will not accept the “freeze for freeze” deal favored by Russia and China. North Korea’s leadership has also made clear that they will not negotiate until they are confident that they are not a risk of being attacked by Trump.

There may be signs of a slight thaw in relations between Washington and Pyongyang, but this is a crisis that is far from over.

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