Carrie Underwood Encouraged To Show Her Face After Injury

Carrie Underwood has not shared a selfie since falling in front of her home, injuring her wrist and her face, back in November 2017. A couple of weeks ago, she took to her blog and let her fans know that her facial injury was very serious and that she needed over 50 stitches. She also told her fans they might notice that she looks a little different, but she has not been ready to share any more information — or any photos of her face — since that time.

With a new single set to drop on January 12, Underwood has been posting regularly to social media, trying to get the word out about her new song, “The Champion.” In doing so, Underwood’s fans have been sending her all kinds of messages, many super excited to hear this new track, which is thought to be a new NFL anthem. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Underwood keeps tagging #SBLII in her posts, which is leading fans to think that she is going to be performing the song live — or in some capacity — during the Super Bowl on February 4. This has led many to wonder if she will be showing her face for the first time since her accident.

A short while ago, Underwood posted her latest Instagram update: a photo of the word “Unstoppable,” which is a lyric from “The Champion.” Her post was met with tons of supportive comments, many encouraging her to post photos and to return to life as usual.

“Don’t be scared to post new pictures of you. You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world and the best singer,” wrote one fan.

Hundreds of others have been sharing their warm messages for the country music star.

There has been one photo of Underwood taken by Below Deck star, Adrienne Gang, and posted on Twitter. Underwood didn’t appear to look any different in the photo, despite her concerns. Even still, she isn’t at a place where she feels comfortable sharing selfies or any images of herself — and her fans are doing their best to support her. Sooner or later, Underwood will be spotted again and will start posting photos. Fans just want her to know that they love her no matter what.