Melania Trump Did Not Cry On Election Night, She Would Only Cry ‘If Her Hairdresser Was Late’ Per Cindy Adams

Melania Trump’s marriage to Donald Trump has come under a lot of fire lately. Between the pair’s sometimes awkward public appearances to Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, the two cannot catch a break. Although the couple is taking a major hit at the moment, a few insiders want to make one thing clear: Melania did not cry on election night.

Did Melania Cry On Election Night?

According to Page Six, nobody that was around Donald and Melania on election night saw the First Lady shed a single tear. Quite the opposite. Cindy Adams, who was with the Trump family when the election results were coming in, says that Melania was thrilled when her husband won.

If she had cried, Adams believes it would have been because her “hairdresser was late,” not because Donald was about to become the next President of the United States. Adams also says that Melania was fully supportive of Donald throughout the election and couldn’t have been prouder of the results.

Inside Wolff’s Controversial Book

Wolff’s book has been stirring up a lot of drama over the past few weeks. Although many Democrats have cited Wolff’s book as evidence of Donald’s remarkable shortcomings, Newsbusters reports that many of Wolff’s allegations have been proven false.

Cindy Adams’ comments are only one example of Wolff’s inaccuracies. In his book, Wolff claims that Melania cried when Donald won the election and the author paints a bleak picture of the couple’s marriage. Although Wolff’s book should be taken with a grain of salt, the damage to Donald and Melania’s marriage has already been done. But will Melania rebound in 2018?

What Will Melania Do In 2018?

According to USA Today, Melania’s debut year as First Lady went largely under the radar. Melania delayed her move to the White House for several months, which means she didn’t really undertake First Lady duties for a full year. That will change in 2018 and it will be interesting to see which issues she targets in the new year.

“She is more popular than her husband (most first ladies are), but not as popular as some past first ladies at this point in the administration,” Rider University historian Myra Gutin, who specializes in first ladies, explained. “No one knows the extent to which she influences her husband’s decisions.”

Melania Still Finding Her Way

Part of the hurdle for Melania is that she wasn’t prepared for the duties that come with being the First Lady. Melania made a living as a model before she met Donald and is a lot more reserved than her husband.

Although Melania doesn’t have as much experience as previous women in her position, she is undertaking the FLOTUS job on her own terms. That makes it hard to predict what we’ll see Melania do in 2018, but it also means that she is still figuring out to handle things in Washington.

Melania Trump has called Fire and Fury a “work of fiction.”

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