Who Won ‘The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars’ Tonight? Finale Results Here [Spoilers]


The finalists on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars were determined tonight and it was time to find out the winners of $150,000 for their charity. The final challenge took place, but who won The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars tonight? Find out the finale results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, the players faced one more challenge before tonight’s finale. Six of the players moved on to the finale and six were eliminated. The top male and female for the Champs were Johnny Bananas and Emily. The top male and female for the Stars were Josh and Michelle. Each pair got to pick any of the other players on their team to join them in the finale. They each discussed and we find out those decisions tonight.

The Other Finalists and Results

It was time for the decisions to be made. Of course, Josh and Michelle flipped a coin to find out their teammate. It landed on heads, which meant Justina was picked for the Stars. For the Champs, Johnny Bananas and Emily picked CT to join them in the finale. That meant Matt, Kim, and Ariane were eliminated from the Stars and Wes, Tori, and Zach eliminated from the Champs, as all six of them would receive a donation to their charity.

The Final Challenge

The finalists arrived and the winners of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars would be crowned. For this challenge, they would compete in five head-to-head challenges. The winners of the first four rounds would get advantages for the fifth round.


Round 1

This round had them using a plank to build a bridge to get from box to box. The players had to all stand on each box without falling off. On each box, there was a scratch-off area, which had a number under it. They had to use the numbers, in sequence, to unlock a padlock and raise their flag to win. The Stars lead the whole time but got caught up on the locks. That gave the Champs time to pass them, as they won the first round.

Round 2

The object of this game is to stay on their pedestal. There were poles moving around that they had to jump over, as well as their opponents throwing balls at them. The team that stays on the pedestals the longest would win this round and an advantage for the final round on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. The Champs knocked Justina down quickly, so the Champs win again.


Round 3

This round had one player in a car, as they would drive it blindfold. The other two players would push the car around a track, as they tried to run down buttons with the eliminated players’ faces on them. Once they collected all the faces, they had to match the faces with their charities. The Stars finally got a win under their belt, as they won an advantage for the final round.


Round 4

For this game, the teams headed to a platform with water and foam on it. One ball would be in play and the teams had to get the ball into the goal. The first team to score five goals would get that final advantage available. During this one, Josh took a slide right into the water and his eyes were burning. He powered through, but the Champs easily won this one 5-0 and got a third advantage for the final round.


The Final Round

For this challenge, it was called “Tower of Power.” The players would be tethered together and run through the field and find their puzzle pieces. Once all of them were collected, they had to dig through a sandbox. Inside the sandbox were 25 keys. They had to find three keys to unlock their tethers. Once they are all unbound, they could start working on the puzzle. The first team done would win $150,000 for their charity. As far as the advantages go, for each win they got, that meant three keys would be removed from the sandbox. That meant the Champs had nine keys removed and the Stars had three keys removed.


Things were pretty tight at first. However, the Champs found their keys a lot quicker than the Stars. They got the puzzle built and the Champs won $150,000 on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, so $50,000 for each of their charities.