'NCIS' Season 15: CBS Show's Hiatus Worries Fans, Reason Behind Long Break Finally Revealed

NCIS Season 15 is taking a long hiatus this season and people started to worry about the status of the CBS show. With unending rumors that the American action police procedural television series will reach the end of the line soon, fans are understandably concerned about the show's long pause. Now, a new report finally revealed the reason for the break.

According to Carter Matt, taking a brief hiatus is not something new in the world of CBS. The Television broadcasting company usually does this every start of the year and it is not because some series are booted out.

However, what makes the NCIS Season 15 break different from the rest of the shows is that it will take a longer hiatus than usual. While this update may have given loyal fans a mini heart attack, the site noted that there is definitely nothing to worry about.

The reason why the upcoming episodes of NCIS Season 15 will not be aired in their usual time slot is that the Olympics will be launched on NBC next month and CBS will not try to compete against that. The site wrote, "CBS doesn't want to counter-programming against that, so instead, they are focusing on unscripted fare for that month before bouncing back and bringing some more new episodes of some of their longstanding favorites to the table in late February / early March."

Meanwhile, despite all the exit rumors, Mark Harmon (Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs) shared that the only reason for him to quit the popular series is when he feels that the staff have already lost their purpose and passion.

"Right now our writers are all very up and excited. You can see it on their faces," Mark Harmon previously told TV Insider. "Now, if I ever witness them walking into the writers' room with their heads down, feeling they've done it all, that would be the time to say, 'I think I'm done here.'"

The veteran actor noted that he still feels a positive atmosphere, so it is safe to say that NCIS is certainly not throwing in the towel anytime soon.

Catch Mark Harmon in NCIS Season 15 every Tuesday on CBS at 8 pm.