Apple Passes Nokia To Become Most “Profitable” Phone Manufacturer In U.S. Market

Apple in just three short years has went from their first ever Smartphone to the most profitable seller of phones in the U.S.

According to current reports, Apple iPhone sales constitute 2.5 percent of market sales, however that share has generated a profit of $1.6 billion from this past summer alone, while Nokia reported an operating profit of $1.1 billion.

Electronista quoted analyst Alex Spektor in regards to Apples success:

“With strong volumes, high wholesale prices and tight cost controls, the PC vendor has successfully broken into the mobile phone market in just two years.”

Nokia, unlike Apple has focused largely on low and mid level phones which sell in large amounts, but typically at very small profits. Nokia also focuses much of their efforts outside of the U.S. or independent of carrier contracts which oftentimes leaves U.S. customers buying high end phones at ridiculously high prices.