Teen Who Planned To Bomb School Will Be Tried As An Adult

A 17-year-old Alabama teen, charged with plotting to bomb his high school, will be tried as an adult. Derek Shrout, an admitted white supremacist, was arrested last week after authorities were alerted by one of the teen’s teachers.

Shrout was keeping a journal filled with plans. Fortunately the journal was left behind in one of his classrooms and was found by a teacher. Fearing for everyone’s safely, the teacher turned the notebook over to School Resource Officer Tommy Morrison.

Morrison shared the journal with Russel County Sheriff Heath Taylor, who immediately had the boy brought in for questioning.

According to Ledger-Enquirer, Shrout maintains that the journal was fake, and that he had no intention of carrying out the plans. However, a search of the teen’s home produced some chilling results.

Authorities state that Shrout’s parents were very cooperative, allowing them access to search their home. Inside they found materials associated with making bombs. Authorities seized a few dozen small and two large tobacco cans, all with holes drilled in them and containing pellets. The two largest cans were labeled “Fat Boy” and “Little Man.” Both were code names for atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

Although the materials the police recovered were not complete bombs, and there were certain crucial materials missing, authorities are concerned. If Shrout had followed through with the plans in his journal, he would have completed a fully functioning bomb, capable of devastating destruction.

As reported by newser.com, Authorities are thankful that a crisis was avoided, the police chief was quoted as saying:

“He has a lot of pent up anger toward blacks. The system worked and thank God it did. We avoided a very bad situation.”

Authorities believe Shrout obtained the instructions for constructing a bomb on the internet. Shrout is in custody and facing an attempted assault charge.