Why Some People Think Barbra Streisand Was ‘Throwing Shade’ At Oprah Winfrey At The Golden Globes

Barbra Streisand and Oprah Winfrey may be notoriously close friends, but that didn’t stop viewers of last night’s (January 7) Golden Globes from accusing the legendary singer and actress of “throwing shade” at the TV host. Fans noticed that Barbra appeared to have a bit of a strange look on her face as she watched Oprah give her incredibly moving acceptance speech during the big show as she was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

As noted by Hollywood Life, the camera panned to Barbra as Oprah spoke very candidly during the awards show, and some claimed she appeared to have somewhat of a confused or perturbed expression on her face as Oprah addressed the audience and viewers at home during the telecast.

A slew of viewers tweeted out screenshots of the moment the camera showed Streisand’s reaction, with some even putting her facial expression down to “shade” despite the evening and Winfrey’s moving speech being all about female empowerment and women supporting other women.

“Is nobody talking about how much shade Streisand was throwing during Oprah’s speech?” tweeted Golden Globes viewer Karim Al-Khafaji? alongside a snap of her facial expression as the host spoke, while another said, “Barbra should’ve brought her [reading glasses] because she looked a little shady to some” as she appeared to narrow her eyes, wrinkle her nose, and squint at the stage.

“Madame Barbra Streisand’s face at Oprah’s Cecil B. Demille award speech is the petty b***h in all of us,” added Twitter user @Arbitral, before adding, “I am laughing so hard. #GoldenGlobes2018.”

“Barbra Streisand was hating on Oprah gave her the stank face during her speech #TheGoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2018,” another claimed, while a fourth accused the star of giving Oprah a “dirty look” as she looked on from their table.

But while some were accusing Barbra of throwing a little shade despite the message of the female support and strength that repeatedly reared its head throughout the night, others were quick to dispel the allegations of any kind of drama between the two.


Many called out the claims from some Golden Globes watchers suggesting there was any kind of bad blood between the two, noting that they’ve actually been close friends for years and were even sat next to each other at the same table during the award show on January 7.

“The lengths y’all are going through to pit Barbra Streisand against Oprah,” hit back Twitter user @1942bs after some suggested the singer and actress wasn’t exactly thrilled about the host’s speech. “They are literally best friends and Barbra would not shade her. She was literally just squinting to see the stage.”

Another also commented on Streisand’s facial expression as Winfrey spoke, denying fans’ claims of shade and noting that it just appeared to be a bad time for the Funny Girl actress to be filmed as she watched her friend speak from the audience.

“Barbra Streisand looked like she smelled something bad during Oprah’s acceptance speech,” said Golden Globe Awards watcher @SteveGelder after seeing the star looking a little confused during the speech. “I’m sure it wasn’t a commentary on Oprah, but bad timing to be caught on camera.”

Streisand and Winfrey haven’t yet publicly commented on Barbra’s reaction going viral, though the two have gushed over each other in the past.

Oprah notably had nothing but praise for the star in a 2007 interview she conducted for O Magazine, where she even respectfully referred to Barbra as being “truly one of the musical legends of our time.”

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