WWE News: Chris Jericho Destroys Wrestling Journalist Before WrestleKingdom


WWE legend Chris Jericho wrestled Kenny Omega at the New Japan Pro Wrestling show WrestleKingdom 12 on Thursday night and put on a fantastic 30-plus minute showcase that might be his best match in years. However, before that show, Jericho raised some controversy when a fan tweeted out a drawn photo of Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit — all three being WWE superstars who originally made their names in Japan. Jericho liked the drawing and dedicated the match to his fallen brothers. However, many fans online went nuts since Benoit murdered his wife and child before taking his own life many years ago and they saw this as disrespectful.

A wrestling journalist named Ryan Satin also chimed in and bashed Jericho for what he called a “Benoit tribute.” As only he could, Jericho just destroyed Satin in a video post.

Ryan Satin On Chris Jericho

Originally, Ryan Satin’s comments were just reporting the story on his website, Pro Wrestling Sheet. He simply said that Jericho dedicated his match to one of the most beloved superstars who passed too soon (Eddie Guerrero) “and Chris Benoit too.” It was clear where he stood on this and had he left it alone there, it might have ended better.

However, on an episode of Wrestling Sheet Radio, where Satin, the editor-in-chief at Pro Wrestling Sheet, just ripped into Jericho for the tribute. Fans online were split, with many angry that Jericho would pay tribute to a man who murdered his own family and others who took Jericho’s side and lashed out at Satin, who some have labeled a social justice warrior.

Chris Jericho Fights Back

Chris Jericho was not happy with the entire attack on his character. Jericho was friends with both Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit before the men debuted in the WWE and they were two losses that hit him hard. While Benoit did leave behind a dark legacy, that does not eliminate what he meant to Jericho.

In this video post, Chris Jericho started out by thanking his fans. However, then Jericho touched on the “smarta**” fans who attacked him for dedicating his match to Eddie and Benoit. He said that he knows what Chris Benoit did and said he thinks about it every day so he understands.

Jericho said he will never forget what happened that fateful day and will never understand it. However, he then said no one has the right to ever question why he does something like this, “especially that son of a b**ch Ryan Satin.” He then said that Satin can “go f**k himself” and asked his fans to spread the word.

Chris Jericho then said that he thinks about the loss of Nancy and Daniel Benoit every day, and finished by saying that this is the last time he will ever talk about it again. Chris then dropped the subject and started to talk about the excitement of his match with Omega, telling his fans to just start having fun.