Driver Survives 40-Feet Fall After Cement Truck Overturns On I-10 Exit Ramp

A 29-year-old driver, who is believed to be a male, survived a 40-foot fall after the cement truck he was traveling in overturned on an elevated Airline Highway exit ramp on Interstate 10 in New Orleans, Louisiana. NOLA reported that just shortly before 12:45 p.m. on Friday, January 5, the driver—whose name has not been released—hit a guardrail on the exit as he was hauling a full load of cement.

The impact prompted the cement truck to overturn. Liz Belcher, a spokesperson for the New Orleans EMS, stated that the driver was then ejected from the cement truck and fell 40 feet to the ground below. He landed on wet cement that had spilled from the mixer as the truck overturned on the I-10 exit ramp, which detached and went over the bridge, but it reportedly landed on the grass instead falling on the road as vehicles were passing by.

When emergency medical services arrived at the scene, it was reported that the driver was alert and he was able to speak. He was later transported to the trauma center at the University Medical Center as a precaution. Authorities did not say whether or not he suffered any injuries after falling 40 feet from the I-10 exit ramp, but they did say that he is expected to be okay.

At this time, it is unknown if the driver remains at the trauma center or if he has been discharged.

New Orleans residents were stunned after learning that a driver was ejected from a cement truck after it overturned. Some say the driver was lucky and the outcome of the accident could have been a lot worse.

Some social media users suggested placing signs or adding speed bumps near the Interstate 10 exit ramp in an attempt to get vehicles to slow down.

After the truck crash, the Airline Drive exit ramps from I-10 East and West were closed, and traffic was being redirected to Carrollton Avenue. The exit ramp reopened around 2 p.m. after workers finished clearing the scene, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation.

The circumstances leading up to the crash remains unknown, but the New Orleans police officials are conducting an investigation to determine what happened.

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