‘Destiny 2’ Offering Major Changes And Good News For Fans

Destiny 2 was one of the most anticipated video games of 2017 and ended up as one of the best-selling games of the year. However, at the same time, it also disappointed gamers, as Reddit users voted it the “Buyer’s Remorse” award for the year. Much of the complaints came from the Eververse addition, as it seems that Bungie has chosen to promote the microtransactions over other parts of the game to get as much extra money as possible from owners of the video game. It brought back memories of the Star Wars: Battlefront fiasco, where the game ended up scrapping the microtransactions to please fans. This past week, game director Christopher Barrett sent out a tweet that makes it sound like changes are coming for Destiny 2 as well.

Christopher Barret’s Tweet About Destiny 2

In the tweet, Barrett said that a Destiny 2 development update is coming, possibly as early as this week. He also said that he has lots of good info to share with gamers. He has only tweeted two posts since then, the first about Raid mechanics and hot takes on Wookies and the second just a post about music.

With that said, his development tweet has some Destiny 2 gamers wondering what might be coming. Forbes questioned whether or not Bungie might go full-out and just scrap the Eververse. However, the site had some good reasons why this likely won’t happen.

The Destiny 2 Eververse

There is one huge difference between Star Wars: Battlefront and Destiny 2. When it came to Battlefront, the microtransactions affected actual gameplay and fairness. This caused Disney to step in and demand a quick fix because they own the Star Wars property. However, when it comes to Destiny 2, the Eververse, Bungie is who wanted to add it, and Activision said they were onboard. Since Bungie owns the property, they hold the cards.

There is one other big difference. While Star Wars: Battlefront forced gamers to pay more money if they wanted to compete with others on a level playing field, the Eververse is all about cosmetics, and it doesn’t interfere with the gaming play itself.

As a result, Forbes mentioned that there would – at the most – be subtle changes to the Eververse. This could include altering the loot pool and getting rid of junk items, so pulls are better. It could also include the inclusion of some of these cosmetics in other areas of the game where people can earn them without paying more money.

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