NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers Could Acquire DeAndre Jordan If Nets’ Pick Is Included In Trade

The NBA trade rumors regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers adding a defensive-minded frontcourt player is building steam by the day. Until the Cavaliers do trade for a rim protector the odds that they acquire Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan remains solid.

It is being reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Cavaliers are having ongoing trade discussions with the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan. NBA trade rumors of the Cavaliers’ desire to add DeAndre Jordan has taken place for the past month.

In December Bleacher Report cited that the Cleveland Cavaliers were keeping an eye on the trade market for DeAndre Jordan. Given their need for shot blockers, it is conceivable that the Cavaliers would reach out to the Los Angeles Clippers for their all-star center.

The Cleveland Cavaliers believe that not only would the addition of DeAndre Jordan shore up their defense, but that they can overtake the Golden State Warriors, as well. However, without a defensive anchor currently in the post, the Cavaliers have an uphill climb.

Having a defender to clog the lane will not allow the Cleveland Cavaliers to stop three-point shooters. What a player like DeAndre Jordan does is protect the post when shooters are run off the perimeter.

DeAndre Jordan’s dominance in the post as a shot blocker allows his teammates to run shooters off of the perimeter.

A possible addition of DeAndre Jordan would test the lateral quickness of the remaining Cavaliers’ defenders. Much of the onus would be placed on LeBron James, J.R. Smith and Isaiah Thomas to dissuade shooters from launching three-point shots.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers to acquire DeAndre Jordan from the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade it will likely take a first round pick. The Clippers’ preference would undoubtedly be the Brooklyn Nets’ pick, which is owned by the Cavaliers. Thus far the Cavaliers have been reluctant to use the draft selection in any trade.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer report suggests that the Clippers would be willing to make a trade with the Cavaliers if the Nets’ pick is involved. The Cavaliers do have their own 2018 draft pick they can dangle.

The Cavaliers’ pick will be a late first round pick, but there is a legitimate caveat. If the Clippers accept it in a DeAndre Jordan trade proposal it would guarantee the Clippers having three picks in the first round. All or at least two of those draft choices could be leveraged by the Clippers to acquire a better pick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have other trade options if the cost of acquiring DeAndre Jordan is too high. The Cavaliers’ trade options include the Phoenix Suns’ Tyson Chandler and the Orlando Magic’s Bismack Biyombo. Both Chandler and Biyombo fits the Cavaliers’ need for a rim protector, who can run the floor.

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