Emma Watson Rocks New Look As 2018 Begins

Michel EulerAP Images

Emma Watson is beginning 2018 with a new look. The 27-year-old actress was first spotted with a new hairstyle on Friday when she posted a photo on Instagram of her holding the book, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, which is the January-February pick for her feminist book club, Our Shared Self.

Just Jared reports that Emma Watson showed off her new bangs on Saturday when she appeared on the red carpet for the BAFTA Tea Party on Saturday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. She wore a white jacket, black slacks, and black loafers.

Us Weekly reports that this isn’t the first time that the Beauty and the Beast actress debuted bangs. Watson had bangs in 2010 and told Metro that the cropped look marked a career transition for her. She revealed that she didn’t have a chance to “experiment with dyeing and chopping off” her hair like most teenagers. When she turned 20, she felt that the time was right to make such a drastic change because she wasn’t a “little girl” anymore. Once Harry Potter wrapped after filming 10 years, Emma wanted to signify the end of it in some way. She was in need of a drastic change and that’s what the crop was all about.

Emma’s new look with the bangs has generated over 5 million likes on Instagram so far.

It’s unknown if Emma Watson’s new look is strictly a change or if it’s for an upcoming role. She hasn’t filled anyone in on why she’s opting for bangs. Her fans are posting messages of praise for her hairstyle. Us calls the style of Emma’s bangs as “short choppy” as opposed to “blunt or wispy.”

Emma told Glamour in 2012 that she would’ve kept the cropped haircut if it wasn’t for her career. She shared that most of the men around her wondered why she cut her long tresses, telling her it was a mistake. Despite their opinion, Watson didn’t care what they thought and insists she never felt more confident than when she had short hair.

Emma Watson will be one of the presenters at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.