Jacob Roloff Claps Back At Fan Who Accused Mom Amy Of Using Him To Sell Her Products

The criticisms continue to pour on Amy Roloff and her youngest son Jacob even after the two simply spent some time hanging out enjoying coffee and bread. Because of this, Jacob felt he needed to address one supposed fan who others thought was rude and a bully.

Amy shared a photo, which shows the Little People, Big World star sharing a heartwarming mother and son moment with Jacob, on social media. Amy and Jacob were having coffee and bread while catching up and sporting some healthy smiles.

“I just love when I get to hang out w/ my youngest son Jacob,” Amy said. “Even more so when having some of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen Snickerdoodle Bread, Coffee and hearing all about his Iceland trip w/Isabel. What a blast!”

Despite the supposed genuine smiles on their faces, some fans still thought the shot was staged for promotional purposes.

“Can’t even post pics of him without pushing that overpriced baking,” said one fan who goes by imacutieface.

“Sorry… can’t u just enjoy your son… without the pitch,” said sanchar2.

“No wonder you never see your son,” suzkris said. “Always pushing baked goods…”

A certain magallerina joined the mob by accusing Amy of profiting off Jacob while also saying nasty things about her products.

“I see you’re still using @jacobroloff45 as a way to sell your stale bread,” the follower said.


Some fans were quick to defend Amy telling magallerina that she’s “so unkind and rude.”

The critic continued her attack on Amy by stressing that the LPBW star profits off her children. She even called the other follower naïve after the latter said that all she can see in the photo is “a mother and her son eating baked goods.”

“What’s the problem,” asked anony_mouse_in_nature. “So they have a family business and are trying to sell their products… No harm done.”

“He’s a 20 year old man who makes his own decisions and she is a business owner trying to make a living,” said the fan. “What if it was her neighbor instead of her son then would it be ok?”

Magallerina then said that Amy “trodded” Jacob out on television for a profit. She also claimed that Jacob “openly said” that he was bothered by this and that it “ruined his childhood.”

“Now she’s finally reconciled with him and conveniently staging a table of her stale a** bread and packaged products to spend ‘quality time with him’ when she’s just really doing a photo op to push her product,” she further said.

After a few more back and forth between the two followers, Jacob finally chimed in and clapped back at the critic. Jacob told magallerina that he “actually never said filming ruined my childhood.” He also said that the show “had and continues to hold a massive impact” on who he is as a person right now. According to numerous reports, including one by The Hollywood Gossip, Jacob supposedly left Little People, Big World because the reality show was fake. Jacob said in his book Verbing that the show eventually “became more orchestrated than spontaneous” after the first few years.

Jacob also tried to lecture the follower on how to go about changing the things she views as wrong. He said that being rude about a thing someone wants to change won’t actually do anything in the end.

“So please cool it, my moms bread is dank (that means good).”

Aside from the issues with Amy’s pitching of her baked goods, a few followers complained about Jacob’s look.

“Haircut,” one fan said before posting another comment saying Jacob should expect to be judged if he was “gonna be on tv.” The follower, klmpuffy26, who is probably unaware that Jacob left the show a couple of years ago, also wrote that the young man’s “hair looks awful” and that Jacob “looks dirty.”

“Give me a break,” said another follow called lrcarde. “Ugly kid, greasy looking, another media fake family!”

The irate fan went further by hurling insults at other members of the Roloff family.

“One set turns super religious and weird, the other consumed with posting about her “perfect” child and husband. Every parent feels the same… get a life and stop posting same thing over and over!”