Trump Jumps The Gun, Attacks Bannon Just As He Was About To Release Statement Discrediting Book

As tempers continue to flare across the GOP landscape over alleged remarks made about Donald Trump and his family by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, a new report says that Bannon was going to issue a statement refuting the veracity of journalist Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, according to CNN.

The Hill also reports that Bannon and his allies prepared a statement on Wednesday labeling Wolff’s blockbuster book a “lefty hatchet job,” but before they could release the statement, President Donald Trump took to Twitter with scathing comments and an unflattering description of his former adviser.

Bannon, who has not yet come forward to address the remarks attributed to him in the book, was not only viciously assailed by his former boss, but also immediately ostracized by prominent right-wing figures, including billionaire financier and backer of Breitbart News, Rebekah Mercer. Mercer issued a strong rebuke over Bannon’s alleged comments, which led to speculation that the news media chief might soon be forced off of the Breitbart payroll.

So far there has been no response from Trump or the White House since the latest revelation emerged.

After excerpts from Wolff’s bombshell book appeared, a relentless attack on its veracity has been waged against it, from right-wing pundits to the president himself.

Those attacks soon spilled over onto Bannon after disparaging comments attributed to him surfaced.

The backlash was almost instantaneous, with Bannon being shunned by many of his former supporters. Before long, Bannon became known as “Sloppy Steve,” the new moniker given to the former aide and Trump loyalist by Trump himself.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump took such issue with Bannon that he personally contacted Rebekah Mercer to voice his displeasure. In addition, Trump also made the unprecedented move to block the publication of Wolff’s book by having his attorneys issue a “cease and desist” on the book’s publishers and Bannon as well.

Even uber-conspiracist Alex Jones of Infowars appeared to be attempting to cash in on Bannon’s impending demise with a video suggesting that he played a role in Bannon’s ouster.

In a clip entitled “Alex Jones Calls For Bannon’s Removal From Breitbart, Hours Later, It Is Announced,” Jones outlined how he arrived at the conclusion that Bannon was a traitor.

It is still unclear whether Bannon is out of the woods with his conservative brethren or if this new information will placate Trump’s ire. It is also unknown whether Bannon will eventually release the content of his statement.

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