Trump Makes ‘Remarkable Spectacle’ As Self-Proclaimed ‘Stable Genius,’ Then ‘Embarrassing’ Pops Up On Twitter

Donald Trump has tweeted his way through the online buzz in an attempt to set everyone straight on the allegations flying around that are claiming he is unfit for office. Claims deeming Trump unstable recently surfaced from a couple of sources gaining some steam over the last few days.

It was recently revealed that a Yale psychiatrist briefed a dozen lawmakers on Capitol Hill last month about Trump’s fitness to be president. This, coupled with a new book released this week has started a whirlwind of concerns, dismissals, name calling, and tweets. A new book making claims that even those closest to Trump in the White House question his ability to serve the nation, and it also includes some unnamed family members as well. Trump’s tweets were released today, according to CNN News.

The psychiatrist that spoke of Trump’s instability has never met the president and the writer whose book, Fire and Fury, has made claims that use many unnamed sources. Dr. Brandy X. Lee, edited The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, another book about Trump containing testimonials from more than two dozen psychiatric experts who have assessed Trump’s mental state from afar.

According to The Hill, Lee reports that the experts came to a consensus conclusion.

“We feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.”

Then the book Fire and Fury was released this week, with author Michael Wolff claiming Trump is unfit, and everyone he talked to around the president questions his ability to be the leader of this nation.

Wolff is known for his tendency to stretch the facts and “creating, rather than recreating, scenes in his writing,” suggested AOL News. Trump wouldn’t let these accusations go and he took to his Twitter page in his own defense. His tweets from this morning are seen below.

The storm created by the accusations against Trump’s stability was met by another storm that Trump’s tweets created in his own defense. This has turned into quite a Twitter cyclone of sorts with accusations, denials, and name calling running rampant across the social media sites. Trump also told reporters at Camp David over the weekend that Wolff is a “fraud” and Trump doesn’t even know him.

Trump was sure to add that while Wolff said he interviewed him for three hours, that never happened. He also brought to the table how he went to the best schools, was a businessman who made billions, and how his decade in television was very successful. Most of all he won the presidency after only running one time. This type of talk put many on social media in a rather sour mood. Hearing the president offer such praise about himself led to “narcissistic,” “embarrassing,” and “bonkers” comments aimed at Trump.

Some suggested that his tweets and speech this morning added more fuel to the accusations made by his opponents than it did for his defense. CNN calls Trump defending his mental stability to the press at Camp David today a “remarkable spectacle.” Trump deemed himself a “stable genius” and the internet went wild. Some were elaborate in their comments on Twitter, while others got right to the point. Some of those comments are seen below, including two from Carl Reiner.

Even some supporters of Trump were feeling a bit embarrassed by the tweet of Trump calling himself a “stable genius,” according to reports today. Many people consider Trump’s tweets as the president bragging about himself, as seen across the social media sites today. The same is said about his Camp David speech to reporters.

Many media outlets, who are not known for being overly supportive when it comes to Trump, have reported that Wolff’s reliability has been questioned in the past. The media seemed to be coming to Trump’s defense with the reports of Wolff’s reputation. Some on social media believe Trump went a tweet too far by labeling himself a genius on a public venue, as seen in some of the tweets above.

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