Trump Says He Stands With Sessions: Will He Support The Attorney General In His Anti-Marijuana Campaign?

American conservatives have a complicated relationship with marijuana. On one hand, Republicans tend to oppose legalization of the drug more than other groups. On the other hand, conservatives are a big proponent of states’ rights and therefore many believe that it is up to the individual states to decide the issue of marijuana legalization. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, has a very uncomplicated view of marijuana: he wants it banned. The question Americans have been asking is whether or not President Trump will stand by Attorney General Sessions’ decision to repeal Obama-era protections for states which have legalized marijuana.

While Donald Trump hasn’t commented on Jeff Sessions’ decision so far, he has recently indicated his support for the attorney general amidst a bombshell report published in the New York Times. The report lambasted both the President and the attorney general. The former for urging the White House Counsel, Donald F. McGahn, to convince Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, thus adding more evidence to a possible obstruction of justice charge. The attorney general himself is being criticized due to the fact that, just days before the firing of F.B.I. director James Comey, an aide from Jeff Session’s office was asking congressional staffers if they had damaging information on the F.B.I. director. Despite this, the President has dismissed the report as “way off, or at least off” and when asked if he stands by Jeff Sessions, he responded, “Yes, I do.”

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But Trump’s support for Attorney General Sessions has never been truly solid. Back in July 2017, President Trump stated that if he would’ve known that Sessions would recuse himself in the Russia investigation, he would’ve hired a different attorney general, the New York Times reports. In fact, following the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, the President allegedly unleashed a tirade on Sessions, calling him disloyal and slinging a string of insults at him.

So how is Trump going to react to Sessions’ anti-marijuana campaign? While the President gave recent words of support to Sessions, this could be seen as simply denying the whole New York Times report which incriminates the President himself as well. And given the fact that President Trump has gone against Sessions in the past, it is unsure what position the President may take.

The President has good reason to oppose his attorney general. Sessions’ decision has drawn bipartisan condemnation in the United States. Republicans and Democrats alike believe that Sessions’ decision steps on the toes of states’ rights and override the will of the people. Former Republican Congressman Ron Paul has even called for Sessions to resign due to this controversial move.

President Trump himself has gone on record numerous times stating that he believes that marijuana legalization should be left up to the states. Therefore, reinstating Obama-era protections would simultaneously appease a large number of lawmakers and constituents while also staying sincere to his campaign statements. Despite the fact that the President has remained silent on the issue thus far, it is only a matter of time before Americans demand to know if they will be persecuted for using state-legalized marijuana.

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